Chests disappeared

Game mode: Online eu official
Problem: Bug
Region: eu

So i did a raid last night and came home with a nice bit of loot. Loaded it all into newly placed chests. Room was a bit awkward but managed to place 6 chests in. 2 of the chests may have been colliding with eachother but placed none the less (possible reason for disappearing) but the chests were there all night after the raid and only disappeared when i came on this morning. Checked event log and nothing i havent been raided. Sucks because by chance i put all the good loot into the 2 that disappeared :frowning:
Im going to try reproduce this glitch and il be back with more info. Its a hard hit when you lose all that to a bug…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place large chest slightly colliding with another
  2. Log off? Log back on
  3. Chests gone

Same exact thing happened to me except I ended up getting my loot back. I logged on and noticed chests were gone and assumed it got raided cuz it was hidden in water. Well couple days later I was swimming in that area and noticed a huge bag where my chests were. It was ALL my stuff that I had raided the night before. So I guess the guy that I thought did it didn’t. oops.

Lol i got raided in the end anyway so dont matter now :’) still a ■■■■■■■ of a glitch. I read on another thread it may have somthing to do with picking up a carpet which i did that night so could have somthing to do with it.