Metal Chests full of days worth of work gone

Game mode: [PS4 Online PvE]
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

Clanmate logged in to discover 90% of our storage chests had disappeared. They were in 2 different rooms on opposite sides of large structure, all full of items (legendary’s, keys, scourgestones, silent armor…). No mention of destruction in clan log. I believe they were all placed at about roughly the same time probably on May 17.
This is days worth of work, all our accumulated items and rare resources since launch. One chest was over half full of named thralls (which we can’t place due to Spanish Trolls coming by and killing them, even inside because we place ceilings only to have them disappear overnight…). What can be done?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play game since launch and build a nice base
  2. Accumulate a good amount of loot hoping to progress the game
  3. Log in to see it all was for naught
  4. Rage impotently in a forum where nothing will get accomplished.
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Additional info- after I had retired for the evening clanmate upgraded the floors in those rooms from either sandstone or insulated wood to black ice. That is the only thing that changed. One chest disappeared about 3 minutes after items had been put into it, right before our ‘eyes.’

yep i noticed it but my stash appeared again after some time

Same thing happened to us. Chests full of goods, days of farmed materials, all gone in an instant. The chests were all locked, they did not decay, there is nothing in the log, no doors are open, no damage to structures, it wasn’t even in the raid time!!! Now furniture, chests and half the work benches/thralls are all gone. I can usually deal with the many bugs this game has, but this is too much.

Ya happen to me as well, chest full of mats gone I though I was raided at first but no they just disappeared the game is so good but only for these bugs the lag I can deal with but disappearing items and body full of hours of work just isn’t on or fun for me hopefully this gets fixed soon

You had crafting stations and their contents disappear as well? Man, the chests were bad enough, but if our crafters had gone I think I would have just left the game and never come back. We’ve been patiently dealing with the little ‘idiosyncrasies’ of this game because it is a lot of fun and has so much potential, but in PvE one shouldn’t have to worry about total loss. Up until now we’ve been able too deal with most of the problems: body not visible after dying? Have a buddy come with and maybe they can see it, or run around the area with an Ankh smacking the ground until you get blood splatter, then beat it until your bag appears. Thrall sinks into the ground when knocked out? It will usually rise back up if you move around but it’s usually plainly visible to my clanmate, just not to me. Holes appear in the roof? Must not have had enough support but the engine didn’t realize it until you logged off, add support and replace the dancers your neighbors came in and killed. These are all frustrating but not unworkable, especially coming from playing equally broken games in this genre, but the accumulating list of difficulties is fast approaching critical mass, and continued silence from the game company’s side only exacerbates the frustration.

I had a similar issue as stated on a different discussion but I hope this gets fixed its sucks to have all of your work especially when you work alone gone because of bugs. This might make the game unplayable for me unless It gets fixed. If I cant store my materials then I cant play. Placed a large chest on the bare ground to log back on a few hrs later with it gone. This is after and before raid times mind you. Anyone else having a similar issue please comment and like my post.