Every single chest and bench contents vanished..... everything!

Game mode: Online, Official Server
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

So i login at one base and all is well in the Exiled land. I go about my business hunting thralls and stocking up preparing for the days plan of building a tree house near my main home in the Jungle.

I finish the days chores and head off to the jungle. Returning to the sanctuary of my main home excited for a new build.

But what do i find? As per the the title, no destruction from a player raid - just the nimble work of (no)FunCrom draining my enjoyment and enthusiasms for this game and these lands.

Every single bench and chest in my home is empty.

Every thrall capture and broken gone.

Every quest item on the road to my freedom lost.

Every legendary weapon hard fought vanished.

Every piece of shaped wood and iron reinforcement prepared for the build ahead, no more.

Everything, absolutely everything is empty!

Now I’ve had the occasional bench and the occasional chest and lots of decorations spontaneously cease to exist but this it ridiculous.

You may as well have done a server wipe for me.

Please acknowledge this issue and say it can be fixed!


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login
  2. Check your home.
  3. Find everything gone.
  4. Cry.

I have had the same happen to me, a base I didnt visit for more than a day had some benches and chests decay inside the building.
But that was on release, never had this again.

No decay on any of the benches or chests or crates, just everything is empty. I was there less than 8 hrs previously.

Its just so disappointing to have to spend time gathering every bone, fang, seed, flower, bark, wood, iron, weapon, hide, armour, everything again before I can get back to what I was meant to be doing this week.


No one else with access.

It would be a seriously big exploit / glitch (which of course is still a bug and would need fixing) to reach over 3 layers of walls deep to access things.

And perhaps most of all - who would take; seeds, compost, fibre, carpets, animal heads, ash, etc. etc…

Its a bug that hasn’t been acknowledged it seems.


I feel sorry for you, Bina.
Many has had this happen since the last patch and i am surprised the game director has not gone out with atleast an excuse for this big f-up, cause many people lost weeks and months of progress, thats no joke, eventhough it’s just a game.

It seems like funcom does not comprehend the damage the patch did, or they simply dont care.

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Lost cupboards with 2 boss keys and 300hrs collection of special items, not to mention named and lvl III thralls and half my T3 building with lvl 2 shrines. I’m on the cusp of lvl 50 and looked forward everyday to progressing. I am so angry right now. :rage::rage:
I was soloing on PVE server 1970 heading for lvl 60. Is there a chance I will get my stuff back?
If I worked on rebuilding everything to how it was, what guarantee is there to say it won’t happen again?
Very, very dissapointing Funcom.


Good luck, I hope they do answer or acknowledge the issue but I really doubt they will…they never do. I lost a bunch of stuff on the “Mother of bugs” update and then some more on the July 11th one…nothing resolved, game runs worse than ever… TASHA os whatever her name is totally ignoring the questions about what it is going to be done with it. So yeah, good luck.

OP, just out of curiosity, how many of the lost chests and benches were on square foundations vs. wedge foundations?

All were on square foundations… so not the joy of wedges :slight_smile: