Benches, chest and cupboard and so on dissappeared

Online official server #1214 PvE Conflict -

Since yesterday a number of things dissappeared in my base (high tier building where nobody can enter).
I lost a cupboard full of rare flowers and stuff. An improved firebowl cauldron with tier-4 alchemist filled with good stuff, an improved armorers bench with multiple tier-4 thralls and full with high-end stuff, a dismantling bench and several large chest (filled with rare blood, dragon powder and one completely filled with legendary weapons!) oh and my bed also dissappeared. Wtf funcom… please give me back my stuff. It took me soooo much time to collect this stuff, if I don’t get it back I’ll rage quit this game. :’-(

Step-by-step: I log in, stuff is gone, I log out and log in again, stuff is still gone. Skip a day, log in, stuff still gone. :frowning:

Check your event log

Where can I find it? and thanks.

Found it. It says the ‘lootbags’ decayed, but that’s not possible because I’ve been online every day the past week… And the other items seem to have lost stability, although they were all on high-tier walls and / or foundations.:rage:

I saved all lost items from the event log to printscreen PNGs. Funcom can check them if they want. All items dissappeared in the building where I spawned each day for the last week and if I’m correct when I walk around in my building it will not decay for a week and the same goes for all items in or attached to this building, right? Give my stuff back please, Funcom. I lost hundreds of different flowers, gold, grey, frost, crimson and so on, I lost 196 layered silk, thousands of different pelts, 67 dragon powder, omg I lost 3065 alchemical base! 2500 + silk, 134 shadebloom and it goes on and on… :rage:

Either Funcom will give me back the stuff (which are only binary digits free of charge to them) I have in my printscreens or they will loose me as a player with 1295 hours invested in this game and get an honest review on Steam.

Okay so I equipped one of my repair hammers and checked the stability of the wedges, walls, frames and ceilings where my stuff disappeared. Overall the entire building shows no damage (only fences are missing 200 to 300 points out of the 70,000 hitpoints) and stability is mostly 60 to 100 in the building where I lost stuff. E.g. I lost one large chest completely full with legendary weapons, which stood on a wedge with 100 % stability and mint condition. Please respond, Funcom. Thank you.

I’m sorry to say it’s extremely unlikely FC will compensate you, as is stated in their EULA.

Is there anyway you can upload screenshots of your event log, and base/lost item locations?

Are there windows near the items that lost stability?

Also, were there any rugs placed near, or under the items which lost stability?

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Had to me due to server instability. Holes that eat whole sections your base.
We had built our base on a flat plateau. We left the server.

Where on the map did that happen?

Some frames (walls with windows) were near of what was lost. To my recollection there were no rugs under chests or benches. Maybe part under the bed. But the bed I don’t care about loosing that. It’s more frustrating to loose the rare and difficult stuff I lost, like 3000 + alchemical base, the shadebloom and the legendary weapons. I will not upload all the printscreens of the event log. I will do that only when Funcom requests this.

My base is on the edge of The Sinkhole in the middle of the map (H6). But that shouldn’t be a problem. Besides my base is perfectly alright, it’s just the stuff which just vanished into thin air. Also (!) Funcom suggest in the loading screen to build stuf on edges and cliffs, so… :confused:

Ok. I can’t really go into any detail due to forum rules, but your base is in a location that I would suggest you relocate from, especially before the next patch.

I’ll just leave this here;

I was already busy doing that, I don’t trust that location anymore, although I don’t think peeps can get underneath.

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Unfortunately, where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

Good luck on your new build!

If your stuff was near windows, couldn’t players steal your stuff? Yes, the items decayed, but they decayed in a loot bag. What happened before that? Your event log should show that.

No, I had multiple walls with high-tier fences around my main building (like the rings of an onion), so it was impossibru to get to the chests. The event log doesn’t show anything happened before. This game is simply too bugged to rely on it.

Bugged? nah… it’s just a chopped off camel head…

No Funcom response on this severe issue? That’s bad… it’s a shame.

I wouldn’t call it a severe issue. If you can’t play the game or can’t join a server - that’s a severe issue.
At least you probably lost your stuff because of a bug coming with the last update. That’s annoying, I feel with you but it’s not the end of the world. You theoretical also could loose your stuff through a meteor impact, a severe purge, a raid, through theft, decay, attacking bossmonsters near your base … You see - there are many things which can cause a catastrophic end for your base. And this is intended.
Building near places, which could be changed in future because of new developments for the game is also risky. You probably know this from the past because you are an experienced player.
Actual there is a new patch on Testlive which will hopefully be introduced this week and which will address a lot of bugs, coming with the last update.


Okay, maybe not severe, and I don’t think loosing stuff because of a bug is intended… And the stuff I lost is not some wood or stone, I lost all of my shadebloom, alchemical base and a large chest filled completely with my legendary weapons, and then some… So this was a huge ouch.
Anyways I hope they fix this ‘old’ bug and I’m saying ‘old’ because things and pets falling through floors is not a new bug. Many months ago this was fixed and then it seems like Funcom introduced the same bug with a patch unintentionally. I just wish they were man enough to admit it and just apologize for the bug. If they did that, I would be okay with it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Moderator, please close this topic, I’ve had more than enough of this. Thank you.