Storage chests, workbenches and named thralls disappearing

Game mode: [Official Server# 3828 PVE Conflict]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

Logged in today to find my Large campfire, large storage boxes (full of quest items and skeleton keys!) ,Carpentry and Artisans workbenches gone with their thralls. My named archer also vanished yesterday. This is very disappointing. Hours of playing gone. Please fix this game breaking bug. If stuff keeps disappearing then what’s the point of playing the game? ( I love this game! Don’t let it die so fast!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
    2.Log out
    3.Log in again
    4.Stuff still gone

I have not lost anything since last patch until today. A cupboard full of orbs just poof vanished. It was slightly inside of a cauldron though. So maybe objects intersecting cause it. Hell I have no idea but coming from where I was with this game I count my blessing it was just A cupboard and not my whole base. Single player offline for what that’s worth


Damn. Maybe tomorrow your cupboard will be back but your base disappears. Now I’m debating if i should just rebuild what i lost on top of what vanished or wait and see if it reappears. I also noticed that i can’t place any other thrall where the archer vanished. It says it’s too close to another thrall.


Was anything on triangle foundations? The pc bug reports seem to think that is a big cause. Mine was half on one but slightly clipping into a cauldron as well

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Came back to this game after a year. I find it more buggy than the time I left.
Everything that I had stored in chests are gone. Thralls are gone…
The 500-Bug patch was not ready to be released. Funcom should apologize and change their policy and test the patches properly before releasing them. This is NOT an early access game anymore.

Yes. Almost everything that disappeared was on triangular wedge foundation. Regardless if it was that or not, it’s still an issue that needs fixing.

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This is on PS4 unless he clicked wrong section. We have not received the 500 patch yet.

Now I’m worried what’s going to happen when the 500 patch hits ps4. Also, today my grinder vanished aswell. Yes it was also on a triangle foundation. I’m going to make a small triangle foundation structure and a square one to place stuff in it and see what happens.


I play on PC and had most of my “large chests” on sandstone triangle foundation pieces - when the 500+ patch was released to the live PC version about half the large chests were despawned.
I had two furnaces places across triangle and square sandstone foundations - one was despawned, the other was unaffected by the patch.

All the cupboards and chests and workstations that were only on square sandstone foundations were unaffected by the 500+ patch.

Also note: the 500+ patch brought with it an unpleasant bug where players could spawn within their foundations AND a bug where destroying or building anything would cause thralls to fall through the buildings to lower foundation pieces or the ground (sometimes killing them). But usually the thralls were still present but “trapped” inside structures. In some cases the npc was partially exposed so with careful manipulation I could get their interaction menu open and pick them up to move them. In other cases the structure had to be destroyed before they could be interacted with…but only did this after the hot fix that fixed them falling through structures upon building (otherwise it just extended the problem to more thralls)

So based on my experience with the 500+ patch and triangle foundation pieces, I would say you are right to be concerned.

However, you now have notice that there will probably be issues and can take action to create multiple storage areas that are less likely to be affected and distribute your resources so you do not lose your entire supply of an item if one chest despawned.


Wow. That’s insane! Certainly funcom knows about all that has happened in PC with the 500 patch and will do further testing before releasing it to consoles. Thanks for all the information. I will take your advice and distribute my valuables so i don’t lose them all in 1 vanished chest.


Honestly, I would not count on that (Funcom merging the 500+ & hotfixes required to fix the patch). Ive been reading these forums and noted that an update/patch previous to this 500+ patch that caused a number of new or revived bugs on the PC live version was certified and released to the Xbox and PS4 versions as “is” … so NOW the Xbox and PS4 users are reporting the same bugs that the PC users had reported to Funcom before the console certification procedure had been completed. Basically Funcom did not hotfix that update before making it live for the consoles despite knowing there were issues with it.

Of course I’m just a player and do not know any of the ins&outs of what Funcom needs to do in order to roll-out across multiple platforms…but it is just my observation that hotfixes for update issues weren’t incorporated in atleast one such update. (Also reading these forums, the Xbox and PS4 platforms have their own issues that Funcom needs to resolve that do not affect PC users, so I speculate they have teams assigned to these as well.)