Disappearing workstation

Game mode: [Online | PVE | Server Official 3023
Problem: Bug |
Region: [Frozen north

Went out to harvest materials everything was in order. Returned to the base 5 working stations were gone with all the items inside and all the Thralls in it as well. 5 other work stations were intact. I do not mind the stations to disappear, and losing the items but the thralls are the issue here. Lost 2 named thralls, 3 tier III thralls and that kind of sucks and sets me back several hours of game play. both the named Thralls the Smelter (Idra Sparkeyes, seen her just once) and Armorer (Shendelzare, seen 4 times). Also since the latest patch the gamed crashed for the first time since launche 3 times, and the light armor bug is still there.
Is there any way to get back those thralls or I need to camp for x amount of time in hope that they will spawn again?
Also one chest full of Alchemy items is also gone…That I actually minde. it was full and contained a lot of rare materials.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
No known way
Tryied to restart the game, stations and thralls still gone.

That sucks, we should mind to Lost even a single Foundation If It was by bug, crashing. Funcom its a joke, this entire game is bad joke i’ll quit today, iam tired to see ALL My stuff gone and loose 4-5 hours of gameplay Just to do It ALL again and get screwed again.

I just hope it will not be as in Ark where every time a tame or it got stuck or something you just got the reply like: we are sorry for it and hope to solve issues like that in the future. That is why I quited Ark being tired of waisting several hours losing stuff that was not caused by my mistakes.
Here the inventory stuff that is bad, but still manageable, but the thralls, I wasted 3 days camping and waiting for the right one to spawn and to get them…

I lost a base and two wheels of pain after the patch. At least I could recover the taskmasters from the wheels and some of the mats at the base location, they were in loot bags. Just business as usual I guess.

For me unfortunately there were no loot bags… If there would be bags I would not even report that. Stupid as I am I now went to the Black Hand Ship and I am still there, have gone 2+ hours and not a single named Thrall spawned. Getting a bit frustrated with this game now. I have spent more time that I would like to admit at the Black Hand location, have almost all named Thralls that spawn there, but getting the Smelter is ridiculously rare, and have her gone feels like a waste of to many hours that I can accept.

Speaking of Black Galleon… I had a wheel of pain right outside, next to one of the camps, before you go up the plank to enter ship. I came from the highlands, to check on on it; I could see it from outside the camp, then I panned camera around and fought some Darfari following me. When I moved camera back, looking for the wheel, it was gone. So I have no idea what the heck happened. I only found the taskmaster in a bag. So one second wheel was there, then the next it just vanished.

I have a feeling that the last patch did more bad then good. The only thing I noticed is that more mobs have shields and they due to that almost became immortal. I had tier 1 mobs with shield that I was swinging at like a mad man with no results what so ever and I am lvle 56… So give a round of applause to the devs and the QA team…

Oh yes, I noticed that too, more shields in the field now, which is not a bad thing, to be absolutely honest. I use a two-handed weapon (spear) and I get a lot of rebounds now; the way I do it, and it works 100%, is kick them. Kick them at least two times, and then hit them with the weapon and I will guarantee you they will never use shield again. And that’s not good either, I mean two kicks, then no more shield up, they just stand there and get slaughtered.

I haven’t had ‘the honor’ of getting stacks of bleed from dancers yet (I fought only one in New Asagarth, and he had the stone daggers equipped) because using the spear, I push them back all the time. But reading the replies here, I will have to be really careful with them, it seems.

Hehe then go to the Black Galleon and fight a dancer there. The mob got we with 2 hits, and a stack of x9 time of bleed. Seems a bit strange.

Ok, then I will need to take a closer look, do we have an anti-bleed potion in the game? Cause that sounds scary now. If there’s such a potion, do we even have time to drink it or it breaks on damage too?

Not that I know about at least. Well to sum up, In the company that I work for a patch like that would be considered as a big fail, and there would probably be a roll back, or another way of compensating the users.I just hope there will be some kind of action from the company in this case, since like I wrote there is a lot of hours that I lost here due to what happened, and hopefully more will happen when a lame ■■■ reply like: sorry for the inconvenience we are working on improvements.

If no I would like to know how to get a refund, since this is not up to my expectations, and I do not plan on wasting more time on this game.

I am almost sure that at this point it’s too late for a refund, especially for digital copies like mine; instead I’d like this company to actually try and fix some of the most glaring issues, not all of them in one patch, like they tried, just one or two at a time. But to make sure those one or two issues have been FIXED. Not throw some random notes on a random patch and then ‘collect feedback.’ That’s NOT how it should work.

So baby steps, and just have some internal testing before they send the patch out. And they should also stop tinkering with things no one had problems with, like support beams. You don’t give people three weeks to build amazing bases and then you topple them to the ground cause someone decided support beams should have reduced support, one must think in advance before they do something like that.

Most likely I will keep playing the game in single player offline mode and keep an eye out for actual fixes that might come out.

It probably is too late for refund, you are right. Still I am expecting something to be done. Temporary increase spawn rate of the named thralls or something. I do not wnat to spend 3 more days, in the same location looking for those Thralls to spawn again. I am at Black galeon now for almost 3h and not a single named thrall have spawned.

That is rather strange indeed, but I do remember going through those camps outside ship, and the ship itself three times (three respawns) and I only saw one named thrall in there. And that was before patch. I am not sure that was tinkered with in the last patch, things might have gotten inadvertently broken though.

It is strange, like I said I spent more time on that ship that I would like to admit and before the patch the named thralls spawn almost every respawn. No I have cleared the area countless times and not a single named Thrall is there.

I am not sure what happens, is it a private server you’re on? Or official? Maybe a server restart could help. Or maybe a client restart. Or a suicide. Cause suiciding, strangely enough seems to solve ‘some’ issues.’

Maybe try the same thing in single player, but activate co-op, so it would have online connectivity. I will go around that area today and try and see if I have any more luck. Did you have any luck finding any other named NPCs somewhere else though? I found Freya in her camp in the highlands post patch, but different camps or locations might have different timers. Or maybe Black Galleon’s location is somehow messed up now.

Also a very good place to hunt is Sepermeru, I am currently building a base outside it and check the named thralls in there. This list should help some, although there aren’t any timers for thralls’ appearance.

I am on official server 3023.Tried reloging. restarting the game no named thralls.
Cool will take a look at the list. thank you. The Black Galleon was a best concentration of named thralls so far.

I give up after 3+ hour wasted on looking for replacement for the lost named thralls, and tier III thralls. With no results what so ever.
Please let me know when the issues will be fixed, and how you will compensate for the lost time, thralls and items. If it would be something around losing 3-4 hour of playing I would not even bother reporting the issue, but at this point we are talking about 25-30 hours of grinding and waiting for right Thrall to spawn,and to gather lost items and that is way to much to loose.
Also I just realized that in together with the Smelter (Idra Sparkeyes) and the furnace I lost a decent load of hardened steel, brimstone, and steel…
At this point I am taking a break from this game, kind of lost joy of playing it.
Patches that break the game in this extend shoudl not be released to start with.
Once again a big round of applause for the QA team to ■■■■■■■■ this up…

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Our frustration at this moment is real. I hope Funcom wakes up at some point.

Rubberbanding everywhere, lagged combat, invisible enemies and players, But they needed to complicate it more, equiping Shields on almost Every NPC lol.