Chests, loot, crafting stations, crafting thralls all dissappeared

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [USA, Mountain time]

crafting stations, crafting thralls chests, equipment all dissappeared.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. gather loot, craft items, gather thralls
  2. set up your base with walls, rooves, foundations, doors, chests, crafting stations (well more than 7 foundations, we are talking castle with 4 walls made from pure foundation, a keep with 3 stories, and 2 towers with 4 stories each)
  3. log out
  4. log in 2 days later, chests, loot, and crafting stations with crafting thralls should disappear. walls rooves, foundations, doors, all remain. also a beehive remains. even though everything else is gone. including a animal pen (base didn’t go into decayed state)

We have also just discovered this after a few weeks of refreshing due to playing siptah.

Almost every chest, fridge, crafting station gone with all loot.
I’m talking 1000’s of items including several chests of legendary weapons and armor, rare thralls including purge thralls and no longer obtainable thralls such as bandit leader and captain.
Almost all non container type placeables seem to be intact including all but 1 maproom, at the den. Bonfires, beehives and fish traps seem to be unaffected.

This has happened at the den, the mounds, sepers and worst of all our main base at the sinkhole where we store all our stuff.

Other bases at assgarth, volcano and the jungle appear to be unaffected.

I noticed missing things a few weeks back and put it down to rendering issues as the event logs were empty and the ping so high we had to constantly refresh the server list to log in.

Me and my wife have a combined total of aver 6000 hours in this game. More than 5500 of that in the exiled lands.

I know its a big ask but @Ignasi can you please have someone look at the logs for server 1950 to find out what has happened. Whether our stuff is gone, or just invisible?

We are on 1950, clan name Thulsa’s Doom.

Some of our lost thralls.

Some of our lost supplies.

Lost fridges.

Some of our extremely hard to obtain T4 armorers.

More missing armorers… Grrr Legbiter… that hurts.

Apologies for the nudity but my cupboards full of rare and legendary armor are gone.

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I don’t think this is a game bug. Someone could be using a cheat(3rd party software) to destroy your stations on purpose.
If this was a game bug, it would’ve happened on alot of servers, yet it has been reported only on 3 servers on only by a handfull of players.

I had heard that this might be the case.

Especially as there is no event log notifications.

I will give Funcom the chance to answer the questions I asked.

If you think it happen in only 3 server check this out, I stop counting at 10 server now, just search everywhere and you will see more of this “bug” or “hack” happen


May be the same thing that happened to us there, I logged in to refresh and everything disappeared on log in, even thralls and I was well within time. And that happened with all 3 of our builds, only thing unaffected were the battle standards at the arena and a well

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Yeah its strange.

Sorry that it happened to you. I thought you guys let it all decay. Bummer.

I started at our sinkhole base and went around to all other bases. Everything was there until i got back to the sinkhole and noticed everything missing. I assumed it was a rendering issue as everything was there when i logged on and the event log said nothing.
So i logged off and the next time we logged on my wife spawned in the desert and decided to pull her bracelet rather than run back to base.
When she tried to click bed to respawn at, she was given a message that she “is not part of a clan” and respawned in the desert.


The only thing i have now discovered on the event log is that several conan, valeria and subotai figurines lost stability. These figurines were on top of each of our cupboards where our armor was stored. No mention of cupboards decaying, losing stability, being picked up or dismantled.

Either the event log didn’t report a loss of stability (unlikely) or someone removed them incognito, hidden from the event log.

I’m pretty sure I got loss of stabilty from the logs, thing is even if it thought we hadn’t been in and decayed things we shouldn’t have lost the thralls. I logged in disgust and came back 2 days later to find I had also died and lost all the legendary stuff on me. Vowed I would never play on an official again. Sorry that you and mum lost all your gear

If it was a game bug related to stability it would’ve been mentioned in the logs as lost stability for benches and chests.

Containers that are deleted by admins (using shift+delete keys) and loot that falls from them don’t show in event logs.
In my opinion, someone is using a cheat software, jumping from one server to another.

This well might be the case. 2 days ago we had a player destroy a small outpost of ours on the official PVE Siptah we play on. It is detailed in the event log - shows the player name and what was lost.

Would like to hear something from the dev team about this, as what is the point of trying to rebuild if it can all be taken away again? The type of person who enjoys doing this will continue until they are stopped.

I don’t believe all the players that this has happened to will take the time to report it.

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That really sucks Mumra. Nobody should lose their builds on PVE servers.

Sorry you just decayed, 7 days is NOT long if real life happens.

BTW funcom, Try to get the LOG better, since you have it… or remove it so we can GUESS either way… Decay appear as lost stability.

We were in decay, due to ping reasons.
And it probably was scavenging but who knows?

This is the problem, the scavenging happened with anonymity for the scavenger.

The event log has always shown who the scavenger was since it got overhauled over a year ago.
Not in this case.

I had the same thing happen to one of my bases.

Has anyone been able to figure out why this is happening?

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