All Thralls, Furniture and Crafting Stations GONE!

I have just returned to a small base I had build in between Eyelet Lake and the Frost Giant Temple. I hadn’t been there for about two weeks when I went up to do some star metal hunting and went inside the base to save my spawn point on the bed. When I went inside, every crafting station, Crafter Thrall including 4x level 4’s and all furniture (except for a few chests) were GONE !!! The building is still there. The trophies on the outside are still there. Almost everything inside is gone.

At first I waited several minutes just to give time to load. No change
I logged out and back in and waited. No change.
It’s a private server run by a friend and only friends play so I am fairly certain that no one has been on and deleted everything, and no changes have been made to any of the server/game settings.
I have several bases in various locations for thrall hunting and they have not been affected.
Also My friend who runs the server has said that he has the same issues building a large base just to the south of Eyelet Lake

Is there any information that anyone can share on this issue?

Playing Testlive or EA live?
The Decay system doesn’t work properly in the EA live version. They are working on it and made a first update on Testlive. The plan is to update the EA live version with the new Decay-, Purge- and Combatsystem before the release in 26 days. (Probably in 1-2 weeks)

Decay system is off and we’re EA live, not playing on a test server.

Had a similar experience myself. In my case i logged on in the morning and one chest had disappeared i had placed the night prior. Decided to just farm back what was in the chest. When i returned from my farming run my large cooking firepit and 3 drying racks had vanished. It’s a bug of some kind im sure.

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Even the Decay System is off it could be an issue in the EA Live. Had this also on our server with turned off Decay.
Only 26 days to release now and maybe14 days to EA Live Update. Countdown goes on :+1:

Just happened to me at 1:40am EST 4/14/2018. Came back from capturing a thrall and opened my base door and literally half of my chests and crafting stations were GONE. Like 7 chests and 6 stations GONE. I’m on a Testlive server and this has happened to at least four other people on the server, possibly more that just didn’t speak up.

Same Problem here.
I play on a private Testliveserver. Decaysystem is off. Workbenches, Chests, Doors disappear from the Game.

Good Job Funcom, your Qualitymanagement is the best.

You are not only playing a game in beta but also on a test server…where they literally tell you not to get attached to anything because of changes and bugs. The amount of QQ in these forums is asinine.

I just had the same thing happen to me. Spent a couple of hours wandering the map and when I returned half of my stations were gone. Everything was inside my house on foundation. Foundries, carpenter station, blacksmith, cooking station, gone. It left my armorer station, artisan table, and a couple of other things. I was playing single player on testlive.

Today i logged in and everything inside the base vanished. At the whole place were the bags with our items on the ground. I started to travel around the server and found other bases with the same issue.

edit: there were also ‘fresh’ bags with my stuff in it, at my outpost, when i arrived.

just logged in today both my armours benchs are gone with the teir 4 crafters plus all the mats and armour that was in them makes me want to rage quit.

Logged back in after a couple hours break and my Improved Tannery station and T4 thrall was missing, including a large amount of leather and tar in the station.

+1 I lost a chest full of thralls at one base and a crafting station at another. I sent in a service request.

Thanks Funcom, it was ‘fun’ to see my hard collected/crafted items disappear from the official PvE server from time-to-time. [Even tho, in the last 2 months my max offline time was like 4 days just this week.] T3-4 Thralls with crafting benches [4], boxes with farmed items [6-8], even decorative items [countless]… repair hammer was never really useful, no indication on the mentioned items ever … maybe on foundations, but the data was wrong anyway, and could not repair anything, pff.
The only positive thing I can say now is that after the last patch at least the popup displays properly, so I could choose my respawn location finally, and did had to restart from the desert by default.
Personally, I won’t login ever again, bye for good.

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If there were bags with your stuff in them , it would seem that someone went through your base and demolished everything. Every other report of items/benches/thralls vanishing there was no reports of bags of items from benches being left behind.