Crafting stations, chests, materials and attached thralls gone!

Just happened to me at 1:40am EST 4/14/2018. Came back from capturing a thrall and opened my base door and literally half of my chests and crafting stations were GONE. Like 7 chests and 6 stations GONE. I’m on a Testlive server and this has happened to at least four other people on the server, possibly more that just didn’t speak up. Earlier in the day an outbuilding had an internal door disapear so I leveled the building and rebuilt and the second I placed the new door it was gone.

i have had similar things happen and seen multiple posts here regarding it. Since they don’t do anything about it in the patches i’m assuming they know how to fix it and its a testlive server problem only. Annoying though when you lose that much stuff

We have seen the same on a private TestLive, and on US3 TestLive.

The things that disappear include crafting stations along with any thrall, chests and all their contents, and doors. Not things like a fireplace (furniture/decorations).

The pattern we have noticed… if you place things on a foundation, never has disappeared. If its on the ground or a ceiling tile, you will eventually lose it. Things on the ground out in the open and not close to a main building, should be expect to decay, but I’m talking about things like a wheel of pain, on the ground, with a surrounding building, and its disappeared within 24hrs.

Doors… don’t know a pattern, I’ve lost a few, and they are in a frame on a foundation. The doors disappearing has also occurred on the official 616 server, on our smaller buildings, not a main large base. So this doors things is long-standing bug.

The most recent occurrence was yesterday, so that’s before todays 04-14 patch, but after the 04-13 patch.

It’s concerning to me that its not listed as a known bug.

Must be that the decay system not recognizing that the crafting stations, etc. are attached to a building.