Crafting Stations Disappearing

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

Unfortunately, over several non-consecutive play sessions, my partner and I have now noticed that a number of crafting stations and a few placeables have been disappearing from her game. Each crafting station contained a thrall and a number of items. The crafting stations in questions were:

-Improved Furnace (w.thrall)
-Dismantling Bench
-Improved Firebowl Cauldron (w.Dafari Witchdoctor)
-Other items including ×2 Planters, Feed Box, ×2 Protected Torches

The Improved Furnace was on a previous occasion upon server log in, and we assumed was an isolated incident. The other three all occurred in the most recent play session. There were no Loot Bags present at the time we noticed. They were simply gone. We have not yet downloaded the most recent hotfix.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load up the save data
  2. Observe that several stations and items are missing

What does the event log say?

…is her base big enough that u realize the ps4s memory limitation? i have XD

The Event Log doesnt talk to me anymore. :laughing: No in all seriousness here Wak it has literally not shown anything regarding the items. Or for that matter anything at all for some time now. Im not certain perhaps that is an issue within itself, or maybe it is due to us being purely Offline Singleplayers.

We do, and I have advised her to watch her limits recently. Although on that note I wouldnt say its massive by any means. It is only a little (and I do mean a little) bigger than mine. So far we both have one smaller outpost/base in seperate biomes too. Although Im not sure if the game works on the total amount of building, or just that in the immediate area when counting. I have not yet had anything disappear though. We are also pretty even in the Thralls department. Pets are another story though. While I only have 3, she has her own animal refuge.

Their disappearance is not a huge deal for me, as we have replaced them with the Admin Panel. Im more just putting it out there.

Hey there @Croms_Faithful, would it be possible to share a screenshot of where these items were placed, so that we have an understanding of the building/placeable layout?

Even though there were no messages in the Event Log relating to the items that disappeared, were there any messages at all from any other sources, such as stability?

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thats happened to me before on plain ground in cities ive made. and oh yea,^^^^ hes prolly gettin at “were they on foundations”?

Hi Hugo and apologies for the delayed reply. I have uploaded several images below. Her base is located at coordinates G,3 on the map. However, the benches/items in question were spaced out. She has built items close to a ledge/cliff face, both at the top of it and the foot of it. I am not certain if this would be having a bearing or not? Two of the offending benches (now Admin spawned back in) are close to the cliff, as you will see by the Improved Furnace.

No none that we saw. But just to be certain, by stability do you mean decay? In the wake of this I went around with a Repair Hammer to check other items for decay, but they all appeared to have very healthy values. As a precaution I turned on ‘Disable Building Abandonment’ in the Admin Panel. I didnt realise it was still active on her game. Nothing has disappeared since, but it has only been several days, and it was hardly a common occurrance.

EDIT: here was the second image showing the location on the map.

Thank you for sharing further information, it seems that these are placed in the ground rather than on a foundation, correct?

It’s advisable that all placeables are built on top of foundations linked to the main base so that the decay timer is shared between them. This will also prevent both the decay and stability calculations of each object to run into any sort of issue that may cause them to be destroyed unexpectedly.

Please be aware that disabling Building Abandonment may not fully prevent the issue if it derived solely from the stability calculations, rather than the decay ones.

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Hi Hugo. I had always thought that stability was shared provided that they were within the same landclaim radius. But thankyou for that advice.
How exactly does stability differ from decay, can you or anyone else link me a good explanation? I had always thought they were one and the same. Ok, I will advise her to build herself a courtyard to place them on. Thankyou kindly for the reply Hugo.

No problem!

This video by Wak4863 does a great job of explaining the intricacies of the decay system.

Stability and Decay are not directly related as they are meant to address different issues, the first regarding how you build your structures and the latter on how long it can stay in the world without being refreshed by your presence.

Decay is influenced by all connected placeables within the same foundation network, while stability is influenced by where you place a certain item, for example, if you place a wall over a ceiling which has 50 stability, that wall will inherit that stability value.


Hugo that was a good explanation and I am much clearer now. Moreover, there have been no other recorded instances since my initial report, so it it looks like we are in the clear. Thankyou for your feedback and assistance on this matter.

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