BUG - Crafting benches and storage disappeared

Game mode: [Online | Official ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Official server #1950 PVE g-portal us]

I logged in today and a smelter (with smelter thrall), fire pit and storage containers had disappeared. The only thing connecting the ones that are gone are that I built them around the same time. All the others that had been built after have remained. Since It wasn’t even 24 hrs since I last logged in and I only have the one base I can’t chalk this up to legitimate decay and no purge activity.
Checked the decay timer on everything and everything except a small fishing hut has the same decay time, don’t know if that helps.
Also having an issue with well not filling up that was not present yesterday and the thrall conversion reset.
Probably not the first to report these things but there it is.

(edit) I replaced my tier 1 with tier 2 pieces underneath the missing items, it might have have contributed to the cause but then again other benches etc did not disappear and Also replaced foundations below them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Build something
2.log out
3.log in less that 24hrs later
4.gone, reset and not working

Confirmed,just woke up to find 2 named smelter thralls, chest full of bricks and ingots, wood dryers,artisan table with chests full of crafted stuff just flippin gone. So yeah i feel your pain,WAY to many hours trying to get the stuff just to find it gone.

Did you build these on a foundation connected to your main base? I’ve found that ‘loose’ (single) stations have dissappeared since the new decay rules deployed in Build 100728/18311