Items/Thralls Disapearing

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Problem: [Disappearing Items/Thralls]
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Hello. Was told I needed to post this problem here. I play on PS4 server #3793. Logged on a few days ago to see that we’ve had some things disappear although we were not raided. This included, 4 crafting stations, thralls that were placed in them, and storage boxes that had lots of resources and valuables, including more thralls. Wanted to note that the night before, my clan mate was upgrading pieces of the floor underneath these things that disappeared. Although they did not disappear immediately, when he was done all things were still there, but noticed they were gone the next day. But, there was also many other things that had pieces under them upgraded that did not go missing. Just happened to some. Heard this was associated with a bug that started a year ago. Anyways, was wondering if there’s any way to get our stuff back? If not is there ways to avoid this? Thank you in advance for any replies.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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