Items and thralls missing in my base

So I play on ps4, and just logged in to items and thralls being missing from my base. There is nothing destroyed, I do play on pvp but my base is completely sealed, the doors are still there. I just finished upgrading to t2.

I do noticed that my purge bar reset. Did the purge attack while I was at work, get inside without destroying walls/doors and remove items without destroying the benches?? I had a named warrior thrall in my wheel :rage:. I swear if this is a bug I will do everything I can to get a refund. Along with the other numerous bugs this is just too much. That is literally hours completely vanished because FunCom can’t properly test their software.

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Iam playing on xbox and had the same thing happening, had like 4 thralls standing outside my base, next log in, they were all gone. same thing happened to my stored items in crafting stations, while my base being completely inaccessible for others, all items I had in there, or was busy making were gone… so much for grinding for hours

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I upgraded from sandstone to black ice and had a few benches (with named thralls in them) vanish. This is an issue of upgrading sandstone to another tier, and only makes items disappear after the server restart. The methods of avoidance I would recommend is either:

  • Pull up every sandstone block as you replace it with the higher tier (this worked for me in another building).

  • Replace each existing chest and bench when you tier up the floor underneath it.

Really thought they had this bug squashed before launch, but apparently they did not.

Do realize that thralls can be taken from your wheel and stations by others (can’t take thralls just out on the ground). Your materials can also be taken from benches inside by, wait for it… the windows!! I learned this the hard way, and it sucks.


This just happened to me last night. I lost 3 chests and 1 carpenter’s bench. I wouldn’t really mind in all honesty, but one of those chests had all of my epic armors in them. I know I can craft them again, but it’s kind of annoying. Another one of those chests had all my wife’s gear in it as well. What sucks about that is she’s actually annoyed enough with the game that she doesn’t want to play anymore, but I was VERY close to convincing her to play again thanks to a mod we’re using called Emberlight. Well, now with her stuff gone, there’s 0% chance of her playing now. That annoyed her more.


Well, I logged in just a moment ago and it seems I lost 3 more chests and an imp. blacksmithes bench. It was fine last night, but now they’re gone. By the gods, Funcom, this is getting ridiculous. This is not EA anymore, there is no excuse, unless the excuse is “Funcom”.

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I LOVE when people build with windows, and don’t lock their chests. Thank you for the free mats!!! :slight_smile:


As with the real world, there will always be scumbags willing to steal, even on pve servers. Just figured I’d let folks that are new know.

I just lost even more stuff. Now my imp. armorer station disappeared. So one server reset destroys my carpenter bench and 3 chests, next server reset destroys 3 more chests and my imp. blacksmith with T4, and another reset now took my imp. armorer station with T4.

Good luck out there, guys, I’ve uninstalled for now and may play again later, once the game is truly out of EA.

Enyo is right i believe. I had the same issue happening on my server too (with placeables and buildings pieces disappearing after server restart).

Personnally, i now always build directly into t2 or t3 in order to prevent the “upgrading phase” from happening.
It’s not very convenient since you have to place your basic workstations on the ground itself untill you have enough materials to build into the tier you have planed. But at least it is working !
Since i’m doing that i never had this issue happening again.

I think it’s a bug of the game. I missed two trhalls from my base today, and i play ony offline in single player.

I’m also on a PS4 and the same thing happened to me, all my stuff’s gone at my base. If it’s a bug can you please fix it quick, it’s making me want to stop playing until they work the bugs out, and who know how long that’ll be. Glitch city!

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Your beat beat is to just wait on taking thralls until it’s fixes, a lot of people are having this issue (idk if they are on PC but for sure on console) and all training thralls is going to do for you right now is frustrate you

so is this definitely an issue with upgrading foundations??

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