ITEMS in my inventory from disabled server ALL GONE

I was on one of the servers that was shut down a few months back. Watching all of my buildings and my thralls wiped was too much for me, so I quit the game, but I’m back again, for the fourth time!

In anticipation of the shut down, I collected my best crafting thralls and stations, and placed them in my inventory, I also collected my best weapons, gear, materials, and potions, and also kept them on my body.

I logged in to a new server yesterday with my old character, and about 10 of the items are still in my inventory, the rest have disappeared.

I know this happened a few months back, but did anyone else experience this? Is there any recourse? It sucks that I lost everything on my old server, but I thought I had at least saved all my purge crafting thralls from being destroyed, etc.

I want to start playing again, but this is a tough pill to swallow.

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Best I could say is to make a Zendesk report. Recently jumped on a official server didn’t remember I had been there before. Was really weird. @Community can you help our friend.

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i had that ( i mean 2 times) with an friend who was 3 or 4 month offline … when he came “on” again he was naked and nothing in the inventory … we had to build all again for him lol
maybe there are decay timers too at the own items/armour etc. …

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Welcome back. If something like this would happen to me I would simply recreate character.
Trust me, starting over from scratch is the best this game provides. Release the past in ashes, recreate character and live the thrill of being exile once more :+1:t6:.


Thanks! Happy to be back and glad to see familiar faces in this thread, hope you guys are doing well!

I’m fine with losing all my buildings, and even the 200 thralls from well before the cap along with rare boss animals (100 of them at level 20 from before the update that made them easier to level) not salty at all as you can tell haha

My only real gripe is the Purge crafting thralls I kept, the materials, weapons and other stuff I can get back no problem, but those Purge crafting thralls took some serious time and effort. Also, not really sure why it all disappeared in the first place.

Regardless, I’m going to keep at it. Went and got my Gothrad the Oathbreaker and breaking Marina the Cook, two Dalinsia and a Berseker from last night. Ready for my mounds Purges soon!

I couldn’t not come back to this game, it’s the best game I’ve ever played! Thanks all for the feedback!


This is not a reason to be sad.
I will give you one, that I know you will be!
All the purge crafters are no different than all the other named crafters! So yes this may sound sweet but it ain’t.
We, the old freaks, were proud for our named purge crafters!
There’s only 2 really good news I can give you here!
1st. Any named armorer is fixing the redeemed silent legion now and it is the best crafted armor to visit extreme weather conditions.
2nd. Any tier 3 blacksmith holds the recipe that only purge blacksmiths had, to create reinforced steel from reinforced iron and steel fire.

Another good new is that now you fix upgrades on tinkers bench. The good new here is that Armorers and blacksmiths with the hammer icon fix the legendary repairs and yes we can fix legendary armor repairs too, which is awesome!

A useful tip. Learn the religion of Zath and fix the religion dagger! If you farm spiders with this dagger you’ll get sacks. These sacks are filled with ichor, bones, chitin, carcasses,skulls, etc… In some point learning the sorcery spells you will need skulls, this is a really fast way to gain hundreds of them.

@Coyote0903 is a pleasure to have you here! For anything you need I can even jump on your server to give a hand if necessary, just name it :grin:.
Again, welcome back :+1:t6:


thanks so much for that update! I’m excited to get back into things and get back to posting on here, thanks again for the friendly welcome back and all the help :slight_smile:


@Community figured I’d try once more since my original message hasn’t been addressed

is there anything that can be done? or because my body was over-encumbered when you shut down my server, I now lose everything from my inventory when I joined the new server?

If I have to guess, you have died while offline before the merge which resulted in you losing your stuff.


When I logged into the new server all of my items were still in my wheel and a few random items in my inventory still, plus the gear I was wearing :slight_smile: so not a complete loss, but all of the crazy rare stuff and resources I kept in my inventory are gone.

It’s not really a huge deal, I’d love if it didn’t all disappear, but I’ve already been grinding and having fun again!

Very happy to see three familiar faces responding to my post! :pray:


Was this a PvE-C or PvP server? Someone found your body and took some of your stuff during PvP hours? It must have happened all before the merge because post merge your body was not online until you first logged in.


full PVE :slight_smile: everything was still there a week or so before the merge, so I’m not sure when things got messed up and disappeared. @Community would be great to have some kind of explanation if at all possible :pray: it’s not stopping me from obsessively playing again, but would be nice to know the exact reason why it happened!

Greetings @Coyote0903, welcome back!

Thank you for reaching out to us. Have you checked the Event log for any trace of information regarding why the items have vanished?

We await your reply.


Thanks for the reply, I can’t get back on the old server as it was shut down, so not sure if that’s possible, unless I’m missing something.

The very first time I chose the new server and logged in, was last Wednesday, and my items were already missing, so I can’t imagine the Event Log on the new server would show anything, but I’ll check later today when I’m home :slight_smile:


It looks like I can only go back 200 events in Event Log with just Lootbag selected, and that’s only to October 29th, two days after I came back


Thank you for getting back to us. Please let us know if you notice any other items going missing.

We appreciate your patience and support on this matter.

nothing has gone missing at all since I started playing on this server :slight_smile:

the issue was that 95% of the items I had in my inventory, pre server shut down, are no longer in my inventory when I joined the new server. It wasn’t an official server transfer, but it was because the server I was on was one of those that was shut down a few months back. When I finally joined a new server, my character was missing just about everything besides what was equipped.

Again, at this point I doubt I’m getting any of it back, which is fine! I’ve already had a purge and luckily it was Beast-Tamers, so I got a few purge thralls back already :slight_smile: won’t stop til I get even more!

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If you are on Exiles map make a base near Sinners Refuge plenty of named thralls to be had there. @Coyote0903


I feel your pain, Wiley! It sucks. Hopefully the thralls I gave you are helping a bit. You helped me big when I lost my stuff!


My tiny base would be lonely without them! This is the best community around! I was fortunate enough to get a purge fighter (Cormag Beastblood) and a few crafters in my first purge the other day, the thrill of it still has me pumped haha I’m sure the next purge will be a Berserker purge, gotta make sure my thralls can handle it! These level 20 purge bonuses are hot garbage so far!