All stuff disapear

Game mode: [Online | Private Server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [France]

When reconnecting after a 5days without time to play, i get the disapointing surprise to see all my stuff gone, and all other players’ (my family, who can’t play too cause of hollidays) stuff gone too !!! Welost some Startools, Brotherstuff and full Lemurian armors.

In this server, Purge is disactivated, and it’s a full PVE. We were on our castle, far from every monsters.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. farm like a tard for hours to get your lvl60stuff
  2. Don’t play for 5 days
  3. Connect
  4. Cry

Sorry to hear this buddy, you’re not the first this has happened to and you won’t be the last.

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I feel with you @Vortigren thats certainly no fun :frowning:

What is the decay setting of the server?
If no-one of your clan logged into the game, your bases simply could have decayed.


i disabled decay, cause of irregularities in our playtimes.
Seems i died of hunger, repoped, and my body left the game cause of no connection in 5 days…

Hi Vortigren, did you loose any placeables or only the stuff you had on your character? Is it possible that the location where you logoff is giving you frostbite or heat stroke?

One problem that has been explained is that when you have vitality perk 3 you can survive cold/heat easily but when you log off the passive regen stops working.


It’s about all stuff on our 3 Characters only. We were on our castle, so no frostbite, no heat stroke, no monsters (Lot of Thralls inside to protect us :p)

That certainly doesn’t sound as intended and I feel your frustration.
Thirst and Hunger shouldn’t have killed you unless you changed some settings on your private server in that regard.

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not many days ago i lost almost 7k hardened brick out of no where. so i know how you feel. the game staff didnt give a dam when i reported it and didnt even respond.

Unfortunately something similar started happening on our private server. Our players are logging off and after a couple of hours, when they log in back to the game, they lose all items… It seems like it is not temperature related…

I would say this problem started to appear 2 patches ago (first patch after dev’s holiday).

ROFL :slight_smile:

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