Things keep disappearing

Game mode: PVE online
Server: Healthy Conan Server

My friend and I are playing on this server and things keep disappearing from the game that we have built. For example, fishing traps, stairs, fences, walls, an animal pen (even though there are still 3 archers stood mid air where it used to be), and a base each with all of the thralls and contents.

At first it was annoying. Now it’s getting to the point where we don’t want to continue if we have to rebuild everything each day.

Tried contacting you on twitter with no response.

If you are playing on a private server could be the decay rate is set to fast. Check the events log if you can. Also are the items missing to you and your friend or just one of you

We’ve both had a base disappear. I’ve got my original base still and was using the animal pen so I’m not sure how it could decay. His main base vanished while setting up another

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