Pve server with no decay, whole build disappeard next time my sis logged in

I’m so sick of seeing my sister build in conan exiles only to be sad when her whole build disappear without any reason whatsoever. And I have read that MANY others have the same issue. This is such a huge bug. The point in this game is to BUILD. That this issue still has not been fixed is so bad. FIX it or stop making games. I can’t belive that these huge bugs are not being fixed. I don’t play online games anymore cause of all the bugs and glitches ruining my fun. But my sister loves online games so fix it ALREADY. Good day.

This happened after server restart, it said DISMANTLED on all her building pieces at once after logging in it all had vanished by the time she saw the screen. Her build was stable so that was not the issue. I have read many get this problem after server restart.

Hello @Alathariell, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need additional details in order to determine what could’ve caused this, such as what sort of messages your sister had in her Event Log, the server settings regarding building decay and abandonment if this happened on an online private server, the location of the building and more information regarding its setup ( building pieces, were they all connected through foundations, screenshots ).

Just a tipp from one Dev to your devs: This totally sounds like an issue on “server shutdown”/“clean shutdown”.

Hence why this happens alot on single-player and not really at official-servers!

Even on single-player a server will be started. But maybe, when you quit the app (at PS4), the server isnt shutdown properly, resulting in corrupted data or un-commited data loss.

@CodeMage your thoughts to the “maybe scenario” I described? Because otherwise I dont get it, why it happens so often at single-player and not with official servers…

Not being part of the dev team, the only thing I could do is speculate and I don’t have enough information to offer any useful speculation. Knowing the exact message in the log is crucial. A screenshot of that would be ideal.

Me neither… But these bugs never happen at official servers… So its only a guess from me, but the big difference between solo-play and servers are, HOW the servers are shut-down (or not at all).

And if the game cannot save it and therefore says, the buildings are “illegal/removed”, you will not see any decay message in the log…

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