My entire build simply vanished. Twice now

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Several]

Hi, I’m on singleplayer with a building project for a massive base. Last week I started on my castle in the Sandswept Ruins area, built nearly half of it, and then on the next load it disappeared completely, along with every piece of furniture placed inside. I figured I was too close to the ruins, so on my next attempt decided to relocate to an area between the ice and tundra biomes, to the NE of the Great Dam, and started again. Like I said, the build is massive, over 10k pieces. I spent the whole day building nearly to the top, and when I took a break and reloaded not 20m ago, the whole building was gone again.

So what’s happening? Is it the size of the construction, or am I experiencing a bug? In past characters some months ago I built various such structures, and never had a problem.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Built the largest thing you possibly can.
  2. Load game.
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Well in order to help you we would have to see your build every piece but some times for what ever reason you should always check your event log and see what it says but depending on how you built something if a piece or area of the build loses stability it can all collapse but your event log should tell you wether it decay was destroyed lost stability so with out a pic and good look at the build structure standing and theirs always the if it is to big and the game can’t load it could just diss appear but check event log and let in how what it says

Hello @Gruesome_2some, welcome to the community!

Were there any messages in your event log regarding the disappearing items?

Do you usually exit the game through the menu?

Did you start building this project in a new save or using an older one?

Are you playing singleplayer solo or cooperative?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Building decay is disabled, and as stability goes, it was never an issue. I had at the very least 60 stability in every piece (I checked it often as it could lead me to trouble later in higher floors). It’s not simply that the build collapsed, it vanished and my character was teleported from where I had left it (on a tower top) to the very edge of the construction. Event log has nothing. If it helps, it was a building done exclusively with the arena set from Blood and Sand.

In the event that it was indeed too big and the game couldn’t load it, is there a way to know the limit? I keep three separate characters in different accounts and I’ve done some pretty massive projects. This was a first though.

Hi Hugo, thanks for the help. To answer your questions,

Nope, the event log was empty.

Always, invariably.

Fresh character, fresh save, I set up a different PS4 account for it. I knew this would be a massive project, and since I already had some pretty big builds in other accounts, I decided to make it a stand alone. I’ve picked up the game after a few months of hiatus, got the Blood and Sand and Derketo DLCs and started on my merry way.

Solo, building decay disabled.

Thank you for the additional details, we’ll register the occurrence for the team to look into.

There’s no hardcoded limit and, as such, results may vary depending on the platform, game mode and database.

If possible, do share a few screenshots that showcase the scope of your current construction, as well as further information on the amount of decorative placeables and light sources being used together with the standard building pieces.

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this happened to me and i assumed it was my ps corrupting the data without realizing it. i made some time by leaving my build every 50 parts then coming back to force it to reload, then quitting to main menu every hour or so. but that was several updates ago, im afraid the mounts update came with a single player bug thats made this prob even worse. i hope these couple of tips help ya and do plz hit the report button whenevr it crashes and gives u the chance 8]

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Well, I can’t post screenshots as the whole thing simply vanished. But after doing some math, both builds vanished around the 9K total number of pieces. There were no lights yet, only a few deco placeables since it was still getting put together. Most of the build was foundations, had roughly a 32x32 base. Five floors total, each floor being 3 pieces tall, being that some areas (such as watchtowers) were small rooms encased in stone. Hope it helps…


Well… it just happened again… for the third time. I had just about finished another build near Muriela’s Hope. Fourteen towers, each six cubes across ranging from four stories high to twelve, with a very large open space in between them. Just gone.
Strange is that another smaller building that I built near the Great Dam,on the same save was there still pristine.
On all occasions before this happened, we got error messages after quiting the previous time, one was simply a blank box with just the word error written.
There are no messages in the log menu, and at each load I ensured that building decay was disabled. In terms of scope and size it had reached a size very similar to two first occurrences. So it would seem that there is in fact either a building limitation or some sort of bug that I would very much like to see solved by Funcom.

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Thank you for sharing further findings with us, we’ll be sure to relay this info to our team.

pls find a fix for this. I have problems as well and many others on ps4. the main thing in this game is building :frowning: and it just vanish all the time.

I feel your pain, I watched my sister build and I have built some myself that simply vanish :confused:

Been there lost a huge structure around 6 months ago uninstalled I was thinking about coming back but am not sure now. The main reason I bought the game was for building there is nothing worse than having your build time wasted. It’s too bad because this game really could be great but all the bugs are holding it back.

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