Whole castle build disappearing (PS4)

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I spent about 3 days on a castle build. I logged out last night and this morning I turn the game on and every piece had disappeared omitting a few that were floating in the air. And as I got within a few feet of them those also vanished. Was my build too big? I cant believe I spent days working on something to have it disappear. I had no thralls, lights or furniture since I hadn’t yet finished building. I would post screenshots but it won’t let me since I just made this account. I just dont understand, if there’s a limit to how large you can go it should stop you at some point. Ive seen other people have this issue. Is it a bug? A limit to how big you can go? If its a bug why has it not been fixed yet? Its a serious problem since I cannot build anything now since I am afraid I’ll spend another few days only to have all my progress vanish. Its very disappointing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a castle
  2. Watch it disappear
  3. Cry
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First off did you check the events log to see what happened? Are you on a official or private server. Building to large is not going to cause a structure to fall apart unless the stability was off and then not the whole base.

When I read the post title i thought it was a simple newbie problem. However today some friends sent me a video of the event log of a God of war clan base from 4505. The base disappeared. Players are active. From one day to the next the entire base disappeared. Funcom, this is a bug. Needs solution urgently.

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I have not run into that online but my wife’s lost several builds in her offline game just gone or mostly gone.

I only made this account to see if I could post my issue somewhere relating to it. Didn’t see an current forum about it, anybody aware of this issue or another way to report issues or bugs. My game is updated. Ps4. Conan exiles. Single player. Has happened too two of my builds so far.

While building, a wall. Just one. Completely randomly. It Will start automatically destroy itself after attempting to place it. If it’s a big build around this spot, and I try to “spam” place a wall in that problem spot, my game crashes. It also seems to take a second to place after a while of attempts.

Any foundations in the same spot are fine. But walls refuse to be placed. To explain where it is. It’s just a random section, or layer amongst the y axis. It would require a video for evidence. Rather then a image. And I doubt, like any other system. I could do that here so I won’t.

I’ve tried replacing the wall, placing walls around it, building around them attempting to building into the problem area, top to bottom. Rather then bottom to top. Remove everything underneath and rebuilding up.

There’s no clear reason as to why it would do this. Nothing looks like it intersects, or would prevent building. And checking with a repair hammer, it’s 100% stability right under where I’m trying to build.

Figured this related most to this forum and that’d I try posting it.
Even if apparently after 7 days these get deleted or will close or whatever. So this feels like this will most likely persist as an unknown issue and be unfixed. But here’s hoping I guess.

Further investigation- Seems as if only walls can’t be placed. Some other items don’t make a placement sound, and the game seems to lag just a little. But I can “work” around this bug by placing fence foundation on the foundations, and then building a wall onto the fence foundation. Which results in their being a slight height difference and the wall not lining up… But there’s absolutely no way to build a wall in the spot I need it in. To for example create a wall around a castle, that wouldn’t just have a whole section of wall missing or something.

A while later-
Seems as if after doing that ( fence foundations) it is now fixed on at least one of my builds. So guess nvm to this entire thing? The crashing led me to believe it was a bigger deal then it was but. Yeah seems fixed now. I’ll be back if this fix isn’t permeant.

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@JoeGamer I am going to be on and off Friday through Sunday sestus2009 is my psn handle I would be happy to help with your Questions been playing day 1 on ps4 of course that doesn’t make me all knowing by any means just willing to help.

Well, I’ve learned that there’s a work around to it. So I guess I’m good. Still a bug and all that but. Now I hopefully know how to fix it.

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are you playing in SinglePlayer (solo mode) ? if this is indeed a solo game , have you checked the ‘building decay timmer’ settings , and all that is tied to it ? maybe your decay time is set too low and that your building decayed because of this ? ( it’s just a suggestion to where to look at , but seing Sestus having the same problem on SinglePlayer make me think it’s indeed a bug)

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Seen them disappear with decay turned off. Currently wife’s offline game is still there

It’s very strange
it can be built almost all over the map, the only thing to be careful is that they are not separated so that they do not enter a state of abandonment

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