Building disappeared, single player on PS

All buildings have disappeared, I had built a large base on top of plateau in G6 by Thugra’s Stand, I also built down NE cliff from a gate and at the bottom which was used as an entrance due to using a small building with lifts to get up to plateau platform that went up to top.

This has happened on PS while on single player, not sure if anyone else has had the same issue but I’ve had this happen in the past but was years ago.

I have less than half of my benches, and some are floating in midair as they were in buildings upstairs.

Not sure if there is anything that can be done except rebuild, which isn’t much of an issue as I can use creative mode. It’s just the time it took that can’t be taken back.

My save data had not been altered or deleted so I have no reason that I can think of for this happening.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Can you share more details with us?

When you finish your play session do you exit the game completely or leave it on stand-by?

We await your reply.

Hi one of the small buildings disappeared completely as well for me on a online pvp server (Oceanic). I thought it was a bit strange and due to me not visiting the building site. I am playing on PS as well.

It’s a pain, at least it was a small one for you and not a huge castle

I exit completely, it’s not often but I have had a number of occasions where my game gets stuck on loadscreen after I select quit game, so when loading from game to main menu it’s gets stuck sometimes and due to that I have had to close game down completely.

It’s never done this any other time I’ve done that though

This has been a consistent bug since long ago that Funcom has never fixed. Been around clear before any of the Ages content existed. Been around before Siptah was even released and they still don’t fix it. They blame you for not saving your data properly, not closing it right, etc even do this to both PC and Xbox players. I have had this happen a lot on Both PlayStation and PC. Look back on some of the forums and you will see exactly how old this bug is and they still refuse to fix it.

When taking a close look at the symptoms, it clearly has something to do with an overflowing save file (if you peek at their sizes, you are going to notice that they are all the same no matter what is stored therein). This means that the game’s state and your structures share the same fixed space within the save file.

First of all, there seems to be a limit to how big an individual structure can be without vanishing, and going by OP’s post there obviously seems to be a hard limit to how much can be constructed in total (not surprising, though, given the fixed size of the save files). Exceed any of those, and the structures in question are going to vanish.

Another point that crops up this way is that whenever new features are added, they require space in the save file so they inevitably reduce the space available for storing your structures.
You can see this by constructing a large enough base to hit a limit (get huge, then take it step by step: Place a few structural elements, exit, reenter and see whether or not your base still exists - backing up viable save files to cloud storage or a USB stick beforehand is highly recommended!) so that it vanishes into thin air. Then restore from backup and take a more fine-grained approach until you reach that limit.

I have had this myself in the Exiled Lands where I reached the threshold to the exact number of placeables that remained stable, but after a new feature got added, without placing any structural element, then leaving and reentering the game, POOF!!!
The entire base was gone.

This leaves one of two possibilities: Either the base design isn’t saved in its entirety any more due to the additional data introduced by the new features, or it is, but the additional data is trashing the base data, leaving it corrupted.
Then, upon attempting to restore the base(s), the routine(s) that are reassembling any bases are confronted with data that just doesn’t compute, and as a direct consequence it returns an error instead of presenting you with an invalid structure.
Given the symptoms I’d rather lean toward the corrupted base data.