Disappearing stuff - 3 houses, server, etc

Hi: Like Conan Exiles gameplay am wondering where the 3 houses I built on server 609 went. Nothing in the log, they are all just gone. No notes or anything.

Tonight I am wondering where server 609 went. It was on my favorites list, but doesn’t show up any more.

I had built up quite a bit, now I’m wondering where it all went. It wasn’t taken by players, the buildings and chests were all locked up. I didn’t log in for a few weeks because of a death in the immediate family and I log in and it’s all just gone, no event record…

Gameplay is fun, but I’m a casual gamer, with a job. This is the 3rd time everything has been erased on me and I’m wondering if this is normal. Maybe this just isn’t a game I have time to play?

Today/yesterday was releaseday. Of course they wiped the servers. Like hard wipes.
Also decay has been said to have become really agressive. (Like houses vanishing on 7th day, if you hit max decay.)

Well, doesn’t matter anyway. Server that I was playing on is gone now too. I get it, launch day, like I said, casual gamer, just don’t have time to keep rebuilding over and over and over and over again. Gameplay is fun, but once in a while I like to finish something and this is just endless replay of the same stuff without a clear understanding of whether that’s just the way it is or if there’s some sort of plan.

Maybe in a few months then…for now my leisure time’s just better invested elsewhere.