Almost all my base in Conan is gone?!

We logged into the server xbox official Exile Lands 2426, and almost everything was gone; except some shreds of our base and our tames, the rest of our base disappeared entirely. Could we possibly get it all back please?

First of all… Unfortunately there is no way to get anything back.

What says the log? Decayed or maybe deleted by admin? If you are not able to login tomorrow then the second one and you need to open a zendesk ticket.

If its the case then you will receive the reason and the time you are banned. For me the information came quick at the next day but unfortunately I am still waiting for some details to my case.

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This was a pve official server, and niether I nor my clan were banned or have done anything ban worthy. My clan is active for the most part and try not to let anything disappear. We do this by trying to be on at least before the 3rd or 4th day. And why can’t we get our stuff back if our stuff is saved via the past save files? For having experience in programming, I know it can be done? I say this not to upset you, but to ask a question respectfully out of curiosity.

You play on official server and that’s how it works. Funcom don’t do any refunds even if it’s a bug that let you lose things.

Technically i am not sure how it works but what I know is that the stuff is saved in a sqlite database file at the server. There are no past save files. Maybe a backup but this would rollback the whole server so everyone will lost there work since the time this happens to you.

In the database itself… Maybe there is some history but I don’t think so. What’s gone should be gone from the db… Else it would make the db huge if every build from the past would be stored in the database and only marked as deleted.

But what says your log? Once I had the issue in a official pve playstation server that the decay timer done something wrong. I logged in and saw how everything was decaying and was gone… That was after 4 days. I was able to prove it because I posted Screenshots of my base 4 days early at this forum here.
But I also know that I had no chance to get it back.
But I had log entry’s that saying it was decaying.
Few weeks ago I wanted to build a new base and I saw it live how the admin wipe it. At the log there where the sentence: deleted by admin.

What happened to your stuff?

Don’t worry i am not upset. You are friendly. Also I fully understand your frustration and how it feels. Things like this happend to me more then one time and I read hundreds of post where people lost their bases. No one had the chance to get it back anyway.

I thank you for not being offended at my question, for I was not trying to be mean in this. For the world, they didn’t give us a log for our clan. Though I may not be happy with the results of the update, it is what it is. But I hope you have a blessed day. = )

When you log in just go into the event log, turn off all filters except for buildings and set it to 7 days or so and see what it tells you. I am not sure where you built but perhaps someone kited a 3 skull boss over there and it started to pound away at your place, of if they build close to your their purge wandered off and attacked your place instead of theirs? There could be a number of reasons for why part of, but not all of your base was destroyed.

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I understand you have to be active near your Foundations every 48 hours.

I am currently playing on a PvE Public Server and often visit the 2 locations we have not far from each other and noticed some foundations go missing…

These were Basic Sandstone Foundations, not directly attached to other higher tier buildings.
I also had a little 2x2 sandstone building disappear leaving a bag of supplies in it’s place.

I think maybe I hadn’t been in that area for a couple of days and that’s why.

I read there is a timer on all items, when you go near your items, the timer is reset.

There is a timer and it varies by structure size. If you make a Repair Hammer you can see all the info, including decay time, of all your and others structures.

As true as that is, not all structures would simultaneously disappear in such a large quantity. Especially when it has been visited often which I would assume resets that timer. Unless I am mistaken. But either way. We like playing the game. But if we are going to just lose most of our materials and structures aft one update, then what is the point of playing the game?

It has all disappeared now except the followers. And their were 3 bases massive in size. Ours being one of them. And filled with strong and high level creatures and thralls enough that if the base were attacked by 2 3 skull boss’s they would put up a decent fight. For 2 of the bases were filled to great amounts of thralls and creatures. Our followers amount were about at max. I appreciate you trying to help. : ) But I don’t believe it was that.


Listening how you are describing it, it is probably an admin wipe. Either way, Funcom does not do rollbacks so even if it was a bug, unfortunately you won’t get your base back.

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that was definitly an admin wipe. If so, you are lucky, it didn’t come with a ban. Guess you caught the nice admin on a good day. But be aware that while the wipe is instant, the ban only applies after server restart

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I don’t know, I rather doubt that an admin would wipe “most” of their base and yet leave bits of it behind.

Again see my statement above.

From the OP’s original comment:

I just don’t see why an admit would wipe almost everything expect for bits and pieces of the base as opposed to the entire thing as everyone else has stated has been done. I mean sure, it is possible, but without the ban to go along side it and with parts of the base being left behind I just am not inclined to believe that this is the case. But, without further information we will never really know.

And this is ultimately the truth. The cannot role back a server for one person and cause everyone else to lose all of their progress as a result. They also have made a clear stance that they will not reimburse anyone for lost items due to bugs or other such occurrences so in the end you will have to rebuild. However you do have an army of thralls to help you carry things with.

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Some artifacts get left behind almost every time, depending on the connection of the building pieces

It really sucks. It keeps happening too. For 4 years now. What a quality and well performing product.

If we can get all our crafting benches and at least 20,000 wood, stone and fiber that would help us at least to rebuild what we lost. For we lost 10 times that amount.

Or at least all our crafting benches and 2,500 steel ingots. This would at least give us more of a means to rebuild.