Building destroying without reason

Hi guys,

A disturbing bug is happening on our server, our buildings, walls and foundation suddenly disappear and receive damage since the last Update. It’s a little bit boring course, everything we’ve done since the beginning of Conan Exiles is now lost :frowning:

There is absolutely no decay system activated on our server.

Hi there, we expect to deploy a hotfix to Testlive either later tonight or during tomorrow. It will contain some additional fixes which may help with your problem.

Do you have a backup of the game db before the last Update for safe-keeping? Does your server run on default or testlive branch? If you run on the default branch could you maybe check out what would happen if you tested the server with testlive branch tomorrow and report back?

Thank you for your help !

our last backup dates back to April 27, i think it was before the last patch… I hope :laughing:

We are using the default branch, I’ll se if it’s okay for all the players on our server to move to the testlive :slight_smile: then I’ll do a report :slight_smile:

Thank you ! All hail Conan Exiles !

We’ve load the backup save and now… the server ask us to recreate some characters… it seems that all our bases are doom… :frowning: