Set difficult destroyed build Need server restore

I’m a vice-admin, along with the admin we decided to increase the difficulty from civilized to decadent. Result? All the buildings have broken out. What kind of joke is this? Now do I do a restore before the damage? Need an help or suggestion

Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the PC Updates and Bug Reports for more visibility on the issue.

Restore a backup of your game from before you made that change.

I believe your buildings were destroyed due to decay being enabled on Decadent (though it’s not supposed to be). There’s a bug where decay kicks in instantly and destroys everything if you enable it some time after starting a game. I think this was recently fixed in the Testlive build.

On SP the save files are located here:

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

It should be the same or similar for dedicated servers, I would imagine. Depends on how you set up your server.

Delete or rename game.db to something like game.db.bak and then rename one of your backup files to game.db. Check the timestamps of the backups to determine which one to rename and load.

I’m sorry i was not really very precise about the type of server, but we have one on gportal. Okay i’ill try to rename and change old saves

Same thing happened to me, I was livid.

I’m not familiar with gportal servers but I would assume it’s still possible to restore backups.

Good luck!

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