Everything is gone after update

Been playing for a couple of weeks and all the progress that we’ve made on our base just got obliterated.

All workstations, chests, decorations, thralls (that were on the workstations) and altars just disappeared.
A few chests spat their loot out on the floor, but even they disappeared after just a few seconds (probably doesn’t include time it takes from server startup until I manage to log in).

We use a modded server, but tried disabling mods after the error and tried relaunching, but nothing.

Also, this is most likely not an effect of the building abandonment feature, cause all structures still stand and thralls that were placed in the world (like warriors, archers, dancers) are still there.

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Disable mods and load a backup of your game.
Simply disabling mods and loading up the game won’t restore destroyed structures.

Here’s a thread where I explain how to do that:

After you get your stuff back, manually save another backup and then load one mod at a time until you determine which one is unstable, then disable it and load your manual backup. You should also disable the decay system if it’s on as it’s buggy as all hell and will likely cause headaches in the future.

Are you using the mod Less Building Place Restrictions? That’s one of the mods that cause the sort of issue you’re describing.

Disabling and restoring a backup it’s the only solution for now, until FunCom releases an update for the DevKit.

The mod author is already aware of the issues and he’s waiting on the updated devkit to be able to fix it.

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let me know if this fixes your issue. I am having the same problem and am also using the less building restrictions mod. please and thank you

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Same. It is really heart breaking to see all of that hard work poof out of existence. I am not even going to run our server until there is a fix. Maybe we can salvage the progress we have made. If not, I would lose the motivation to play.

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