Things disappearing

*** I logged in and half my things disappeared from base. I play pve-c server and the majority of my blacksmith benches, cauldrons, furnaces, random torches and lots of material and crafted items that were placed in them are all gone. My base is in The Crevice and I have every entry sealed tight, no clan members have been active nor do they know this bases location so I know it wasn’t a clan member that did it. The event log says nothing about any of the missing objects and I even knew about the issue with floating objects being removed in the past so I made sure they were placed correctly. I really enjoy this game and played it during Beta and was sad to lose my characters during release but I knew it was going to happen obviously. I just want to know why these things disappeared and how to prevent it because if it were destroyed by an npc or player I would be fine with it because thats the way the game plays but to log in and have my stuff just gone makes me not want to play as much. Thats a lot of real time wasted just to disappear with no explanation behind it.


Me and my friends have had the same problem for a few days. We lose all our stuff and items in our inventory and shortcut bar, while we stay in our house when we are disconnected. It’s painful to have to do everything over and over again.


Your characters could be being killed by heat or starvation. Be default on official severs, there is a server setting that keeps characters in the game when they log out. Somebody else will have to chime in on how this system works add don’t play multiplayer, but I suspect this is what is happening.

That would be a good explanation for lilly44’s situation but not mine since my character was fine and still had my gear on. I take my best gear off when I log off and store it since I’m currently playing on pve-c I won’t have to worry about it being stolen.

The Live Stream yesterday discussed the expansion of the Event Log that is coming to test live soon. This should help remove confusions as to what caused things to disappear.

Alright cool. Thanks for the reply. Haven’t logged back on since just because I don’t want to play hours of game play just to have my things disappear again.