Need help, All my armors and weapons dissapeared but items in inventory still there


My last session was the day before Yesterday. I log off in my base and today I loged in to see that my character is naked. No armors or weapons but other items still remain in my inventory.

I checked event log there is no record if I were killed or dead.

I dont know what is going on. I spent lot of time to grind and build the set. Please help.

My character name is BLACK#05468
Best regards.

Which server type?

Probabily you got robbed by other player, if your server is pvp, or pve-c, other players can loot you if you are unconcious (loged off), on pvp anytime, on pve-c during de pvp time window. Check on your log the option to see unauthorized inventory access, if it was not a bug probabily you will see the name of the player who did it. Check your base too to ensure that no way to enter it, may he could used any glitch to enter, in this case you can report such player to funcom. Personal advice, even inside the base, aways logoff naked. I already lost stuff, to people using glitchs, bugs, got starved and soo. Hope you can figure it out.

Hi, Thank you you for this respond.

Server type is PVE-C

I loged off in my base, Its not 100 percent secure but I do check the log. Only player that came to stole my stuff is today and the person just stole Tars from my siege caldron not form my body.

Is this could be a bug?


It happended again, Yesterday I loged off with assigned tools into my hot wheel.

Today I logged in and all those tools dissapeared just like last time.

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