Chests Disappeared on PC

I notice that this has happened before after an update and well it has happened again for me. Pretty pissed as I had a lot of stuff disappear that was hard to find, makes me a bit bitter as we get closer to launch. It is not all my chests, it is just one or two and I can’t see a reason for it. Is this problem looking like it will be fixed? Or even why it happens?

Do you have the decay system on?

Is this singleplayer or multiplayer?

Were the chests placed on ground or on a building?

If they were on a building, did you upgrade the thing it was standing to a different Tier? (sandstone to stonebrick for example)

Do you have a game.db(server save file) where the chests are still there?

I am on official server #105 so I guess the decay system is on, however, i used the chest as much as the others that haven’t disappeared.

I play multiplayer in a clan where I am the only member.

The chest was placed next to another (that didn’t disappear) on a ceiling that was like a mezzanine floor in my building.

Not sure about game.db sorry.

Hope this helps


We’re investing quite a lot of time into figuring out issues around disappearing items. If you find a reproducible way to make things disappear when they shouldn’t, please let me know.

Other than that I can just say that we’re hunting for the issues, and I’m confident we’ll get rid of them if we haven’t already internally :slight_smile:

I’m afraid your things are lost for now though, but since it’s an official server everything will be lost in a week anyway, if that’s any comfort. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to hear that the hunt is on! If anything else happens like this I will let you know.

Roll on next week :smiley: