Disappearing chest and items in it

Game mode: [ Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PVE-Conflict]
Region: [US]

[Disappearing Items: Chest and all items in it disappeared. I checked under ground and they weren’t any place to be found.]
There are no mods installed and the chest is on the ground not a build item.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Honestly, no idea how to reproduce it. The chest had been in place for a long period no one else in the game at all or has access to it. I simply traveled down the river picking up items i needed and when i came back the chest was gone.

  1. Log file seems to indicate the chest was mistaken by the system as a loot bag. There is no decay or destruction of the chest or access to it of any kind listed. Just a long list of
    Lootbag owned by character has been destroyed, item XYZ is lost[count].
    of everything that was in the chest.

Does your Event Log say anything?

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i just looked at it. It sure does. But it’s a bit weird.
Lootbag owned by character has been destroyed, item XYZ is lost[count].
It lists all the items like that yet doesn’t mention the chest at all.
Just lists it 1 to 2 seconds after server shut down.
Also doesn’t say how it was destroyed or anything.
I did check all the logs.

So from the looks of it some how the server mistook the chest as a loot bag on shut down. That’s the only thing I can assume seeing that.
If it decays it lists it as decays and if I dismantle it then it It says that and so on.
Nothing is listed in friendly or unauthorized access either.

So it appears some how the server is mistaking chests at shutdown as lootbags.

Could you clarify if this is a private server or official server? In your game mode you have it listed as Single-Player, but you mention server a few times.

Is the server modded if its a private server?

I’m simply using the term to separate the functions normally separated by client and server.
Not sure if the client is has a built in server or starts a standalone system.

The short answer is it is whatever the system uses when you select single player.

Okay, so single player.

Is it modded?

I wonder if you are an administrator? I want to ask a question, but I can only send pictures to explain, because he is difficult to explain, but I ca n’t send pictures after I just registered

I can already send pictures. But when you were not online, I already sent it to another manager

But I still appreciate your reply

I use Google Translator, so I do n’t know, right?

Not modded


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