All my items from all my chest are now...missing

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1590
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

All items in all my chests, are now gone. The chests were not destroyed nor had any structural stability issues from the underlying foundations. Again, The chest are still intact but the items are now missing. Someone suggested to wait for server restart. This did not fix the issue.

Bug Reproduction:

I didnt cause the bug to happen, it happend independently of my gameplay. I simply noticed the bug(probably hackers) when I logged in.

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Your things were stolen. There’s 2 hackers on that server ATM.


Did you leave your chests unlocked? Did other players kill you off anyways?

What does your event log say?

This is the same loop of gameplay I experience on any official, every time I play. I join any official server and after I raid any T3 structure with significant loot. A few days or sometimes even the next raid window, hackers loot my chests while offline-no events shown in event log. If you try to hide on the map in a random location, they find you and kill you right away. This has happened to me on 1590, 1588, 1800, 1540,1530, etc. Usually, a new player joins on a suspicious new account to carry out the cheating activity. It seems like maybe the types of cheats they use are different depending on who they call in to do what they want done. It’s also likely they visit these very forums to sample the chaos they love so much so here ya go. Likewise, the official servers are monitored by the same grp of cheaters sorry to say. As an aside, it’s also not clear who is doing this since the company never does anything. It may be that they are just troll types or possibly the sadistic kind. Maybe you raided them a while ago and now they are hiring a cheater to get their items back. However, it could also be Funcom doing it to players who raid too often because the players they raid may quit the game and that means less revenue for Funcom.

to quickly answer the two questions:
1.The chests were and are locked. I logged on and was killed but no one did the killing. Afterwards I went to look at the chests and they were all empty.
2. Event log is clear except the items that I had on my body that decayed after I supposedly died. However, there is so event log of the death.

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These 2 are not Funcom.

Whether or not they’re hired or have sadistic pleasure could be debatable.

A couple of friends are on that server and have been hit as well. Nothing in chests upon log.

All populated Officials have hackers and dead ones to a degree.

Nothing can be done. Perhaps reporting through Zendesk is the way for Funcom to get metrics but it won’t stop players with 3rd party until BE is updated.

Hackers are the #1 reason PVP Officials on PC are dead/dying. This is also my top reason for not playing ATM.


On the official server I’m at, attackers tend not to blow up things that are open. If you have followers, they will usually die first. They should last until the base is fragile. The death usually is logged unless it’s a repeated death.

:thinking: There you can spot the difference between hackers and cheaters. :man_shrugging:

And why players wanting to play consistently just move on over to private servers - hackers don’t survive there long. The more move off Official, the more hacker/exploit players end up only playing with their own kinds.

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Except private isn’t where most are going.

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Just the hack or the exploit noted without pointing fingers… “we” don’t want to blacklist or whitelist any selection of players. Just detect when it happens.

I have the same problem, the hacker can steal from my vault and chests.

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