Items disappered suddenly out of my chests

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1111
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

A lot of my Items disappeared from chests after exiting the game yesterday. It was a lot of loot. Yesterday evening it was still there. After i logged in today it was all disappered. We did not get raided or something, ive already checked the eventlog. Is there maybe a way to get the loot back? I love the game, but the bugs really take the fun out of me.

Bug Reproduction:

I logged out on Monday 8th January evening. The loot was still in the chests. I logged in at 9th January and the loot disappered.

You locked chests manually? On PvP you must “lock” them. Otherwise other peoples can just open them and take stuff.
Check in logs

Hi, yes i locked them. THey are still locked´, but there is no loot inside anymore.^^ The black ice walls are not damaged or destroyed. Its like the items just bugged away. The event lock shows me nothing about it. :frowning:

Thanks for helping.

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Just to clarify, is it indeed an official server? I know you indicated that, but under the mod section it states “mods”.

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Yes its an official server. #1111. No mods. I also regionized now that some of my builds lost a little bit of tp. Is that normal?

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Were these perishable items? There are various items that have timers and may have decayed.

If not:

It’s either some type of bug but would take some investigating to reproduce.

Or you were visited by a hacker that looted your locked chests.

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Ok, im smarter now.^^ I asked around the people on my server. Im not alone. Some are missing items like me and others thralls and pets disappered… The most think this was the work of a hacker… I just hope this is not gonna happening every day now.
I like the game a lot, but this is really tanking the fun out of me. Is there no server support to get the items back? I mean i am not playing for too long, but people which are collected for weeks must be damn mad now.

Thanks for the help btw. :slight_smile:

No unfortunately :frowning:

There’s a pretty big wave of hacking going on right now, Funcom is aware and eventually something will be done but for the meantime we all suffer.

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Ok, thanks for the help, seems like the only good thing is i am not alone. :slight_smile:

Have a good night.


Server 1111, like 1110 full of hackers. Wall + chest hack. See event log … !

Hello there @Majestic1890!

Thank you for your time and for reporting this situation to us.

Regarding the “Event Log window”, does it show anyone taking items or them decaying?

If there are some items being taken but there is no damage done to any of the structures, please reach out to us by creating a ticket using the drop-down menu.

Please include a screenshot of the event log window and your base’s location pinpointed on the map.

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello, I played on 1111 aswell. My mates still there.

There’s been hackers on the server yesterday that looted chests even locked ones.

Nope, nothing is showing in the event log. Stuff is just gone. That’s how the hacks works.

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Event log isnt showing anything. So really no way to proof it.

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What has almost certainly happened is that someone has used a cheat against you: it allows them to “teleport” inside your base and loot locked chests, apparently the cheat makes those chests appear to them as belonging to their own clan, that’s why you don’t nothing appears to you in the event log because it’s like they loot “their own” chests (like the old magnit hak but with teleporting now). The only thing they can’t loot is the inventory of your thralls and animals. Until this cheat is patched (which it won’t unless someone has that cheat and sends it to the Funcom devs so they can see how it works) they’re going to be able to do that as many times as they want.

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Hello support team. I have the same situation. The event log doesn’t show me anything. My loot just disappered out of my locked chest. There was no damage at the walls.

Thanks for the help.

Hello @Majestic1890!

Could you let us know the day and the time of day when you last saw these items in the chest?

We will also need your character name and guild name if you are in any.

Lastly, could you give us the coordinates of where this chest is located?

Thanks in advance :smile:

NM found it

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