Disappearing items AGAIN

This really needs to be fixed because it makes the game something a person hates. I literally watched 108 items in a loot bag disappear in about 12 seconds. Everything i have farmed and owned. Just poof into thin air. Re-logged and nothing. It’s gone. So how about we come up with fixes to the bugs.


Hi Amnita and that sounds indeed frustrating.

Can you let us know in more detail what exactly happened? Which platform are you playing on? What kind of server (private/official) and what mode (pvp? pve? pvec?).

Pc, vanilla server and pvp, it’s a newly created server.
Crates (metal ones) that had my items in it blew up. So, everything went into a HUGE loot bag (which it usually does and has done when we have gone raiding). So, no problem but when i went to click the bag to get the items it disappeared. Just poof. It was literally about 12 seconds, so it wasn’t that it was sitting on the ground long and de-spawned.

All right, just making sure I understand everything. Sorry for the additional questions:

How did the Crates blow up? Do you mean they were gone when you came online? Did they literally blow up in front of you without being attacked or interacted with?

Do you remember the content of the chests?

no, the floor beneath was dismantled, making the crates blow up. Mostly all seeds and flowers, building supplies and tools. This was for a rp flower shop.

I know seeds and flowers :confused: but those took me about a week to farm. Very frustrating.

On my side I notice that the corner stairs has just disappeared and you can’t put them again, it’s like the magnetism doesn’t want.

Items the fall into loot bags despawn in about 60 seconds or so. The work around to this, instead of hitting “E” to try to access the inventory of the bag after that time limit to pick and choose things from it, look at the bag and press “F” to loot all. This will pick up everything and it works fine.

The reason behind it is because if loot bags didnt despawn, the servers would lag out even more then usual and it would cause more issues. Think of it like a clean up script.

Ps4 3 times today, have lost, everything stored in workstations or cupboards, atlantian armor and sword items. Lvl34 one point spent filled encumberance halfway. Various structures and plaved items. Playing and then having your progress vanish makes you not want to play. Funcom please advise.

Steps to reproduce issue
1 log into game.
2. Get raped by software bugs on ps4 format.
3. Make progress.
4 respawn or have to log back in
5.get raped again.

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