Disappearing item bug

There are many occasions where there is this bug I would put any item(s) into my inventory and they would disappear. Sometimes exiting the game and rejoining the game will make the item reappear in your inventory. Sometimes the item will drop into a loot bag upon re-entering the server and it will disappear forever.

This is outrageously annoying. Imagine putting thousands of valuable crafting items into your inventory only to find out they all disappeared. Yea there goes your time.

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This happened three seperate times to me, very far apart too. Placed items also dissapear from the game if you pick them up while your inventory is full, weird.

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Respawning also can help fix the issue, whenever it happens to me i first respawn, if that doesn’t work i exit to main menu and join again, a friend of mine recently had items in her inventory but was unable to see or move em, 300 percent overweight xD respawning and rejoining server doesn’t always work :slight_smile: definitely needs looking into!

Technically this should go under Bugs for the appropriate platform you are posting for (PC, XBOX, PS4), rather than “Suggestions.”

I don’t know about consoles, but for PC the “invisible inventory” bug seems to most often occur on modded servers. I have yet to identify a reproduction case or consistent way to cause the bug to repeat. Just seems random.

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