Items not appearing in inventory

Platform: PC

Server: Smith & Forge (private server), but has been observed in the wild elsewhere

Description: Sometimes, stacks of items are actually in your inventory but do not appear to be there. This results in effectively being able to carry less for the same encumbrance stat point investment. There appears to be a correlation between the incidence of this “disappearing item” issue and dragging into your inventory (vs. harvesting), but there’s anecdotal evidence that inventory-crafted items can disappear too.

While it has been widely observed on both official and private servers, it seems to be more common on private servers with increased crafting rates (i.e. faster crafting).

Workarounds: Logging out and log back in generally fixes it. The location of items in your inventory is refreshed and you can find them.

I just go to the main menu, then relog and stuff seems to pop right in.

Here it is, 1 whole month after this bug has already been brought up, and it’s still an issue. Go figgure. Not the first time a game developer releases a broken, half assed put together product while charging premium price; but sells you product not even worth indi pricing. Funcom is clearly in the market of selling broken ■■■■. Save your money because if something that is so fundamentally important to gameplay is this broken, don’t be surprised when the rest of the game is f*cked up as well.

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