Lost despawned items from repeated server crash

Love the game and have played from the first week… Enjoying all the new additions and work but I got a bone to pick now

So yesterday I was on official 3656 harvesting and playing bosses…

Everything was fine went to lock Ness island for puffball mushrooms and the server disconnected… Ok cool log back in server disconnects

Well that spot has about 5 alligators around it, which I had killed with my bearer thrall before being disconnected multiple times… Now about the 4 th disconnect I was killed by the respawned alligators

OK that’s cool…

Sent in 2 requests to restart the server from the report server bar…

Now after 2 hrs of not being able to reconnect

I took a break, no response or email to me from reporting so I got a message from a fellow player

Said it was restarted

Well I get back on got a grave marker only to go to it and find out all my inventory has despawned since I don’t ha e 6 hrs to keep reconnecting to the server waiting to play

I own all dlc’s and enjoy this game

But I just lost all my armor, 2500 crystal, all my legendary weapons, my new spear with regen and my poison tipped axe from sepamaru all the other harvest items I had… Pretty much 5 hrs that day of grinding and 40-50 hrs of grinding for the 2 sets of flawless epic armor I lost, dragon bone weapons, star metal tools, tier 3 backpack…

This is completely unacceptable to loose all of your stuff because a server decides to glitch and everything you own despawans… I’ve given a lot of support to this game and things like this make me regret it all

Getting killed before you can fully spawn in by npc’s is rediculous
Having your stuff go to decay when no one touched the loot bag is rediculous especially

After the server had an issue and crashed not allowing me to connect

And no assistance on an official server when this happens is just not cool :sunglasses: at all especially for people who continue to support this game through dlc purchases

Not very happy at all!

@funcom same issue yesterday… It seems a continuous issue since the update… Logged in yesterday only to load into a blank screen with see through buildings to be server ousted

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