Suddenly disconnected while playin eventually log back in with naked and no corpse

playing like i normally do continiuing to build my house and m resources and as i picked up my thrall i just broke will in inventory i get disconnected outside my house

when i tried to log back in said server was full and had a ping of 999999 aka infinite so i waited like an hour and when i was finally able to log back on i was suddenly naked and spawned at desert start spawn point which i assume i died somehow while i was offline.

so after a bout 20 seconds i keep getting instantly disconnected i relogged in about like 20 times and finally was able to stay on without being DCed

tried to find where i died while offline to get my gear back couldnt find it couple of alligators killed me a couple times.

respawned in my house went out dont even see those corpses. whast even funnier is somehow the alligators keep getting into my house and killing me again have door closed they walked through walls into my house and killed me.

relogged in and still cant find corpse with all my gear.

lost my thrall that i just patiently waited and broke and was literally in process of placing infront of my house

my full set of medium armor my weapons my shield my cooked food resources i had all of it.

obviously i got shafted big time and need this solved.

also i want my gear that i lost because of this gamebreaking bug its happened alot.

i dont have tonsof time to play and ive lost hours of progression cause of this server crash.

doesnt have to be everythign mainly want my medium armor i was wearign my weapons and my thrall i made and was about to place back. he recources i was carrying i dont care losing.

this game is awsome and has potential but clearly was rushed to launch has 213123123123 bugs and crashes that constantly happen and months later still havent been fixed like disappearing bodies on death.

this issue has happened once before and i had to restart not accepting it again i paid $60 for a full proper game

i play on EU official server 2001

EDIT: i forgot to add

Exact same thing happened to me yesterday. US official server 2727.

Logged in, ran around my base, then was kicked out 10 seconds later. Tried to get back in and I had been teleported farther from my base, in the middle of alligators. Was getting attacked when I got disconnected 10 seconds later.

Tried to log in earlier today and now my character was naked, no inventory, although far away from my base/bed. No icon on the map indicating my prior death location. Had a LOT of gear on that body :frowning: How can I report this? They should restore stuff like that due to their server issues.

Hi there,

I am very sorry for the frustration caused. With the latest update, a feature was implemented that will cause you to spawn in the desert after 5 failed attempts to load into the server. As for the body disappearing issue, this is a known issue that is proving difficult to fix. I, unfortunately, do not have a time frame for when this issue will be fixed. Please keep a lookout for more info when this issue is fixed.

Well i know others who had similar issues and they had their gear restored and returned.

I’d like the stuff I lost to be returned doesn’t have to be every single item all I want is my
Full set of medium armour my darfari fighter 1 I had in inventory that I was about to place befor this happened and all my weapons had a skinning knife iron hatchet stone pick hatchet wood shield a truncheon.

The resources I lost don’t care

I am very sorry for not mentioning this in the last message. We are unable to restore any amount of lost items in game. Funcom Customer Support does not have the ability to do this in any capacity. I truely apologize for the frustration that this has caused.

How come other people I know were able to get items restored?

I do not know how or if anyone else had lost items restored. What I can say is that Funcom Customer Support did not provide any of these items as we do not have the ability to. Again, I am sorry for this.

Well again now when logging in the instant Disconnectig is hapwnkgng yet again.

This game literally unplayable looks like I want a refund of the $60 I paid for this crap.

This game shouldn’t of been allowed to launch because it’s clewrly not even close to ready for it.

I paid $60 and expected a working game but this game is not it’s completly unplayable

This is ridiculous game barely launched and so guys don give feral about your players claimingnsou csnnrestore lost items that’s biggest lose of crap I’ve heard in awhile you made designer and coded everything in the game of course u can restore itmsmulif you felt
Like it but to me just don’t care.

This is ridiculous game not even worth $6 let alone the $60 I paid I want my money back immedietly.

Launch a mega flawed broken “game” way to early then treat your players like garbage.

I wanna speak to the big shots who handle these matters cause I deman my $60 back you sold me a broken incomplete unplayable product and I’m done

I am sorry for the frustration that I have caused. If you wish to speak to upper management about your issue, please email in at referencing this forum post and we would be happy to forward it along to them.

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