Suddenly disconnected while playing and once back, naked with no corpse

I was rebuilding my base when i suddenly got disconnected and when i managed to log 2 - 3 hours latter, it’s to find myself in a dungeon, naked and with no corpse.

Therefore i lost all my stuff following this bug.
I’m trying to contact the customer service but only god know why my password is not working and that i’m not receiving any email when i asked to change the password.

Is there someone from the customer service who i can contact through the forum?
I wish to have my stuff back but i have also an additionnal issue related to a bazaar item that is missing.

Thanks by advance.

You haven’t described a bug, you described getting disconnected and not logging back in until your corpse has decayed.

A player corpse decays after 30 minutes. Also, it’s not persisted into the database, so if you die and there’s a subsequent reboot, your corpse is also lost.

I don’t think Funcom has any customer service portal that requires a password.

You won’t get your stuff back, even if this was a bug, which most likely isn’t the case. Funcom doesn’t reimburse in-game items.

As for Bazaar problems, I suspect you will be told to open a Zendesk ticket and set the request type to “In-game purchase”.

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I was in my base alive and well when i was disconnected forcefully. When i log in after this, i am in a dungeon and naked with no corpse.
If it’s not a bug then can you give me an explanation?

And i am not being sarcastic, because if i have to fear to lose everything each time i am forcefully disconnected, i would like to know why it happens.

Honestly i don’t know what happended with the site because i was asked one.
Thank you for the link, i will wait tomorrow and if my bazaar items (the Haze set) are still missing i will use it.

Many thanks.

I can try to help figure out what happened, but there are missing details you might need to supply.

Given only the information you’ve posted so far, I would guess you died while you were offline and your corpse decayed because it only lasts 30 minutes. However, I don’t know what killed you. As for why you respawned inside a dungeon, that might be a bug. I’ve heard of that happening occasionally.

To figure out what killed you, you should check what your event log says. Apart from that, it would help knowing what game mode you were playing (PVE, PVE-C, PVP), what kind of server (official or private), whether you use mods or not, and whether the whole server was offline or just you.

I am on a PVE official so no mod or anything else.

The log event doesn’t say anything about a potential death so i guess that the game think i never died.

The last entries mentionned the loss of stability (i was demolishing floors).
Considering that the base is suspended above the void, i supposed that when the disconnection happened, it made me pass through three layers of floors, made my character to plunge at the bottom of the river and he died drowned.

But again, the log never mentionned any death.

This might be paranoid but given that you were forcefully disconnected, unable to log in for a few hours, logged in to find yourself in a completely different place, and then had password issues…is it possible your account has been compromised in some way?

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