Official server #1522 PvE has MANY issues

Today, I logged off, came back in and it spawned me naked to my secondary spawn point. Lost ALL equipment. Primary bed/bedroll would not sync - and still will not. Many DC’s during combat.
Can Funcom do anything about this, or at least recovery the lost legendary’s and other high level equip on my character (you know, skeleton keys, etc?) - Character Kristenia

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Welcome to the Forum. Don’t have a answer to what happened but Funcom can’t replace your lost items. Alot of old timers to the game put their valuable items in a chest before logging off
Good luck Exile. @Kristenia

What does the server log show killed you? If you logged out in an area where anything can damage your sleeping body (animals can attack/kill sleeping players), or did you log out in an area with unsafe weather that could have killed you? Even if you were inside a player structure, if an animal happened to spawn inside, it could attack/kill you (I have a base in the jungle and gorillas sometimes somehow spawn inside the base).

The combat disconnection is highly frustrating, I brought it up over a week ago and was referred to the patch notes stating that they “finally found and fixed the disconnection problem” which is just not true, at least when it comes to combat being the cause.
It’s not just your server, I play on official 2000 and I’m still having the same problem several times on a daily basis especially in boss fights. My only saving grace is to have full authority and relic hunter zombies to pick up the slack while I try to reconnect but even that is touch and go.