[BUG] [PC & PS4] stripped of inventory after disconnect

Dear Funcom Team,

I like your game I really do, I bought it for PS4 initially, and then for PC again, since performance, server stability, graphics and the controls are vastly superior. I even bought the collector’s edition, because the game deserves financial support.

However, as everyone knows your game is far from being finished, even though there are some major bugs and it’s is more beta then a finished game. But I tend to overlook that I understand it is work in progress. I really like that you look for your fans for support.

However I, -and what I’ve read others-, encountered one bug three times and that one is an absolute no go;

Major Issue;

Loosing the complete inventory after a disconnect

That makes me straight out furious, a major issue that needs to be addressed because and just cannot happen.

You are building for hours and hours gather resources, craft your equipment and then you lose your whole characters inventory because of server instability or a simple disconnect.

Once on PS4 the game disconnected (message; server does not respond) and after joining my char was stripped of all gear and started in the desert, that was right during a boss fight in the dregs. However, no way to reclaim my equipment, went to the boss again and everything was gone. Message; lost connection to the server.

That might be, but why should I lose all equipment if it is not my fault?

However, the same happened yesterday again on PC, first I went into the black hand ship to capture a thrall, clicked on the journal while doing so to listen to the story in the background, captured thrall while the narrator was going on, dragged it along and the game crashed. Fatal error…

Ok could happen, especially since I did all those tasks at once. What shouldn’t have happened was when I reconnected immediately, I started striped of my inventory in the desert again, bedroll still intact so I went there, however no grave marker, no corpse. All items gone plus the thrall.

Then I crafted the items again, decided to craft the Reptilian Armour which one needs special resources and went up north this time, farmed the whole area for 2 hrs+, came back with a ton of steel and a thrall, homebase was already in sight (shattered springs) and the game wrote disconnect all of a sudden and dropped out to main menu.

I was able to re-join immediately and started in the desert again, no items, no grave marker. Removed collar spawned at my base. Since I dropped out shortly before my Base I searched the whole area and again to no avail…

All gone, I’m furious, one is farming for hours, crafting items with at the beginning very limited resources and loses all the items because of a disconnect fix that asap. Lost 4 hrs of gameplay and not looking forward to the endgame items when you can lose them all the time without any cause.

What the hell funcom? Can you address that? Do you want to chase the players away? That is the point of the game anyway, building getting better exploring and especially crafting items. However, that is all just useless when you can lose your crafted items at any given time. I am not looking forward to the endgame tier…

Please fix that asap, I can forgive the game all the minor flaws, but that is a deal breaker for me.

I play on server #1026 PvE, if an Admin stop’s off;

2x Exceptional two-handed steel greatsword
1x complete Reptilian set
1x Stygian Rider mask
1x Stygian Rider chestpiece
1x Reptilian greaves
1x Reptilian gauntlets
1x Reptilian boots
Roughly 110 steelbars (farmed around New Asagarth)
2x steel hatchet
2x steel Pick
2x steel sickle
2x Steel longswords
Can’t remember the rest… but it wasn’t anything important

Thank you,

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