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PlayStation ID Mysticblood152
Game name : Rabbithole

For the last couple of weeks my official server has been restarting just after 8 eastern and I can not connect for hours. When I do my character is starting back at the beginning where you do at level 1. I am still lvl 60 and have all my attributes and feat points, but I am completely naked and all my equipment is gone.

This has happened to me four times in the last two weeks and have spent about twenty hours grinding to replace my missing items. It has cost me several legendary weapons as repairs lost, I’ve lost shards obtained from the unnamed city and used thousands of gold/silver dust to replace my gear.

Each time I hang at the loading screen I quit the game and log back in to the check the population of my server. Quite often it is gone off the list and when I do see it it says 0/40 for hours before I see people logging back in.

I always try other official severs and can connect immediately. I don’t know if it is just me having issues since I haven’t seen anything on Reddit.

I have reset my modems and verified a strong internet connection (like I said I can connect to other official servers just fine.)

I started a new character last night in single player and super upset that I have to do that in order to play- I just don’t trust official servers anymore.

I’ve been working on my build for 8 months, and if this happens again I have no choice but to stop playing. And Funcom wonders why they can’t keep players… weird.

Can you look into this for me

What information do you require from me to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I’m sure you can see the server number from my psn ID, but if not kindly reply and I will get that information for you.

Very very disappointed
Phil reid


First thing put all of your armor and weapons and other things you carry and put in a locked chest. Or just a chest. Pvp or PVE. What does the events log say? Are you logging out nex next to a heat source or too cold. If you want to report what is happening send a message to Zendesk. You will find address and directions on home page. Good luck.

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It’s PVE and I’m in my base and perfectly safe in a closed room where my bed is. I’m just north of Sahara so temps are fine, I wear all crafted T4 armour. Good suggestion though, at first I thought I was being killed somehow, but only indication in the event log in server restart… during prime time, which doesn’t make sense to me.

When I log in it hangs indefinitely at the loading screen. The next day when it manages to let me in (or hours later) all my stuff is gone and standing at the start area as if I have no spawn point. I have to kill myself to get back to my bed. If I died I would be at my bed or bed roll like every other time. Event log shows nothing. It’s says

20:15 server shut down
20:45 server online

Happens almost daily and I don’t see anyway to submit a ticket to funcom for PS4. My building is all aggrosean on the cliff between the elephants and highlands. Nothing spawns around me that could even try and get into my base.

I’m at a loss. Haven’t changed my behaviour since I started playing and all of a sudden two weeks ago this is a daily thing. Only thing I can think of is to get off of official.

Thanks I will contact zendesk :slight_smile:

Just another note, I’ve reinstalled the game twice thinking my save data was corrupt, and it only works temporarily until it happens again next day.

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I am sure you will get feedback from others. I play on a couple official server’s but have never been on at reset been on when private reset and generally right where I was.

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First , whenever you log out, ALWAYS empty your inventory and armor into a chest. I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and its just a habit now.
Secondly, something in your build is killing you. Do NOT log out ON the bed, or near a heat source, even just a wall torch.
Expand your log out area if you can. Make sure you are not logging out in a one story area. try putting your bed in a different part of the base.
Make sure your hunger and thirst bars are full. You can die of thirst just by logging out with a low bar.
I am not sure about Play Station, but when I log out from my PC, I immediately open task manager and kill the game AND Steam.
You may want to reboot your PS after logging out.
You’re definitely not the first or last person this has happened to. I have lost hundreds of items thinking I was safe to log out with my inventory on me.


Also what server is it? It sounds like you are in the US playing an Asian server. 8 PM EST is 2 AM in Norway, so it doesn’t sound EU, and most servers reboot around 6 am local time.

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I never log out with anything this glitch has been around since the beginning don’t think anything is going to happen about it they have bigger fish to fry just remove your stuff it does not change the way you play the game your only making sure you don’t lose your stuff


True ,it happens but mostly in official servers . I had a friend that lost all his base the next day he logged in but …
He had ten bases ,so the timers some times are going crazy ,I don’t know why ,but they do .The funny thing is that he lost the base that he was sleeping on :rofl::rofl::rofl: .
Anyway , the greatest way not to loose your inventory is to empty all your inventory before you log out , lay your player on a carpet and then log out . Why on a carpet ? Because sometimes you die from falling damage when you log in the next day ,so by laying on a carpet you will not experience float issues :wink: .
Now about the extra time to log in I can think 2 things .
1 Your server is overbuilded and it takes a lot of time to read .
2 Your PS4 needs some cleaning . It has videos on YouTube how to clean it your self ,do it it’s easy .
Have fun , cheers m8 .


I wonder if this is some sort of bug where you think you’re logged out, but your character is still standing there. Even in max shelter you would still starve to death.
Doesn’t explain why you end up in the desert though.


Bugs like this one are extremely hard to catch, because there’s no reliable repro for them. :confused:

I know at least one private server admin who can confirm it happens on private servers, too :wink:

I’ve had this happen to me when I lose connection and die. For example, if I’m farming in the volcano and Comcast decides to piss on my router, I get disconnected from the server and when I’m finally able to reconnect, sometimes I’ll respawn in my base, but other times in the desert. I’m not sure how the game makes that decision, but I know it involves connection loss, when the client doesn’t close the connection gracefully.

So you’re probably on the right track with the theory about server not understanding you’ve logged out.


@CodeMage ,Ofcurse my dear friend , that’s exactly the reason I use mostly and not only .
I ’ ve played a lot in private servers too but I never experienced these issues , this however doesn’t mean that they don’t exist .Once i think I read a post from @Taemien that mentioned something about, how old some servers are and the proper frequency that they must restart so they perform better .
There are a lot of times that I jump on PS4 official servers to help others or to witness the problems that they had so I can confirm their issues and my small experience show me that the overbuilded servers take a lot to restart .I mentioned a lot of times that I am from Greece ,so the restarts on American servers are just happening from 12:00 to 15:00 , I don’t loose my sleep to witness this , it’s just convenience for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . My last jump was on a pve server that they had a guy who was blocking everything and all the other members where build beautiful but huuuge ,so the server restarted after 25 min . Normally I wait 10 min in all the others , so I assumed it must be the overbuilded thing , but I cannot say for sure because I am nothing more than a gamer .


Thank you for you caring, I have since found a lot on Reddit and the forums of players reporting lost inventory bugs of various kinds for years and the typical solution is the same: take off all your gear before logging because Funcom cannot replace lost items. It’s a shame, I read of people being disappointed with bugs when I first started playing the game and have not experienced any… but now. I like your suggestion of just getting into the habit of taking your equipment off each time, just safer that way. Still scratching my head why my loading screen hangs at 100% indefinitely when this happens, but now that I know it’s a well-known bug (or a derivative of a well-known bug) I can work with it.

Hats off to all who gave advice !


3828 American , ping is 133 usually

Ps5 , it’s the only game I have on it
Maybe that’s part of my problem, not tested on ps5 means more bugs

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Omg I envy you so much , here in Greece pre orders of September is not still complete :cry: . For sure your console is not the problem , your server however is . If you can play US NY timers jump on 3728 , my base is yours , just send a message on psn I am stelagel there too (Stelios Litsios) , my clan is Farm & Build and my character is Bella (my dog) . You will be free to do whatever you like , I have no issues :rofl::rofl::rofl: . Just come and check if you have the same issues too :wink:

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