After Patch Orbs (fire, gas, grease) missing from chests , missing some inner walls

Hello ,

I play on official server 1060 PVP , after today´s patch i lost all Orbs (fire, gas, grease) missing from chests , i had like 130 grease orbs , gas orbs like 13 , fire orbs 4 ,

My char name is MindstabPT

Same thing happened to us on official 1131.

This was deliberate. They fixed an exploit that allowed orbs to be duplicated, and removed all orbs to level the playing field again. They’ve updated the patch notes to clarify this.

funcom ignored all players and eliminated all orbs from all legit players and now they dont even care or respond , people will not forget this s**t support they have

There is no possible way for them to tell the difference between legitimate players and those who exploit duped the orbs.
The only thing they can do is wipe the slate clean.

they can do there job do some support , now whit last patch they just destroyed my bases walls for no reason great support