All orbs disappeared after patch

Official pve server. More people reporting same in steam and reddit.

Every water, tar, gas, demon fire orb is gone, disappeared after patch!

More people confirming it:

In addition to the hundred new threads in steam forums front page of people who lost lots of things due to mods etc, there are many where people have LOST ALL ORBS IN OFFICIAL, NON MODDED SERVERS.

On behalf of the PvE Players: GG PvP Players, thx alot as usual :\


Yes, I am exactly saying this in our pve server, where I am sharing the awesome news.

1- Despite I am the first to say Funcom fixes lots of things etc, this situation is not acceptable out of early access. It was during it, as we have lost items we earned with our gameplay, and possible solution is a rollback, making us waste more game time.

2-If every player in my server was using 50 stat and water exploits, sine its PVE, it would have affected me much LESS than the side effect of their fix, which is losing all the orbs I was saving, since 200h ago, to start farming star metal / have fun in endgame.

Can any dev or cm acknowledge the issue, or say report received? Can’t believe there is not a single mod or cm watching forums after deployment of patch

I want an official statement from funcom regarding the issue with the orbs. I want them to acknowledge it and not blame it on private servers/mods etc.
And I want them to specify HOW and WHEN they are going to fix this.

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Same, I think a community manager should be here after deploying patch. If they dont know what happened just say we are investigating it.

so far I only seen jens on steam (ehem) talk about mods being the issue

I play on official server #1996,all my orbs were on a vault and now they are gone… please fix it asap

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they said it was intentional to remove all orbs as they cannot distinguish legit one from non legit. funcom stil act as if it was a game in beta…… huge problem.

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WTF I’m not a duplicator, what is wrong with you Funcom, I want my orbs back. Stop be ■■■■■■, and your stupid paid DLC with best end game weapon, if you want to win, you will have to buy it.
Watch your server, ban ppl who duplicate and exploit the game

Official server 1126

1500 grease orb / 500 fire orb and 2000 water orb.
I want it back

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They already answered, I gave my opinion about it, and since I also find it a very bad decision, I think its better to move on. Or quit, ask for refund etc xD. I

While losing items gained by properly farming blows…come on guys, with double harvest and the farm build you can go get 20k crystal in 15 minutes and have all new flasks made fairy quickly.

Everyone has a fish farm to make the ichor, replacing these will be easy.

Unfortunately in cases like this, everyone has to suffer the same fate because of a select few that choose to exploit. That’s why it’s so important to report these issues as soon as they are discovered so they can be fixed.

I’m anticipating a hotfix and a roll back, since that’s probably the only way they will resolve this.

Holding off playing until they do, since everything we do now, will be lost.

All orbs gone, private PVE server, default settings, no mods.

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my time is not exactly free, i do not have unlimited hours to play the game who is supposed to be a full release. If funcom actually cannot distinguish legit orb of non legit orbs; I personnaly not able with conan exiles to distinguish a full release game of an alpha/beta game. And this is a problem.
those who took the decision at funcom to remove all orbs showed a lack of respect to their Customer.

seriously event in the past (8 months agoà when they get a problem with explosives jars flooding servers because killed npc dropped them, thed didin’t removed all explosive jars; but put a decay timler of 3 days on all those jars which allowed to use them before it vanish. And they did that in alpha… and now with a released game they suppres all orbs (including legit one who I bet are 9o% of all orbs of servers inventory).

this is a major error.

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Absolutely agree, in a finished product we shouldnt consent to lose progresion due to others fault, be funcom or dupers, which is both imo.

and to add more, pve servers should have been even less affected for that.

and I remember the explosive jars time. Also have ark since release. no full wipes after leaving EA due to dupes

You aren’t suffering only because a select few chose to exploit. You are suffering because there was a fundamental flaw in the game. I appreciate you not throwing the blame directly at Funcom, and they probably don’t deserve 100% of it, but they share responsibility. You know who doesn’t share responsibility though? The 99% of players that didn’t dupe anything but got left holding the bill.

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A good fix for orbs would be to have fire go out after it’s intended time instead of just layering grease orbs to keep the fire going indefinitely

If you play on official. The only way to get your orbs back is if they do a roll back. On every server.

A roll back that would affect players who didn’t have orbs. They may have spent hours building or farming and would likely see all that work gone.

So you all have to ask yourselves. What makes your orbs more important than someone else’s work?

If you play on Singleplayer. Simply grant yourself back the orbs.

If you play on a private server, send a message to your server admins and see if they’ll grant you them back.

In either case, this negatively affects a minority fraction of the player base as over three quarters of the players have access to fixes they themselves can do. All Funcom ought to do is go oops and apologize and move on.

Maybe write a disclaimer about the Official servers that any issues that crop up on there that the players are on their own. For some reason… that fact hasn’t caught on yet. They are unmoderated after all. The main reason most of you play there anyway.

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