Conan removing ALL orbs


Conan came with another great update! Yes that’s fackin sarcasm.

Funcom I hope your ‘developers’ aka idiots with cancer in their brains, get some fackin schoolin.

Because, WHY the fuc do you go out of early acces, when it’s still as much shet as it used to be.

Now today there was another great update which removed all the orbs in the game on official servers. What cancerous decision, must come from on of your ‘developers’ with a tumor as big as the amount of fackin money we had to pay for the ‘game’ or should I say, trash.

I hope you guys go broke, you’re fackin doggs for doing this to us. Get cancer

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I was more mad about them resetting all the attributes and shtuff and not giving a heads up/mentioning it till after they put the patch out. I would of took a picture or wrote all my attribute info if they warned us prior. I still have no idea what you do with water orbs, throw them at fire creatures I take it?

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Yes I agree. Water orbs are to put the fire out yes.

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Yea how can they do this. We spent days if not weeks to have like a 1000 orbs. We got them from raiding and looting. Never done duplicating. I didnt even know it was possible to duplicate orbs. I hope they will do a rollback because this is bullsh*t. Hours of gameplay wasted.


Us too. Its feels like we got punished for not using the exploit

Stuff like this makes me want to use exploits to get all my stuff back aga in

Stop crying like the little ***** you are… It happens if you play pvp you should always expect loosing stuff if you play pve you won’t need them anyways besides farming starmetal which has no use besides fridges.

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Shut up. If it was because of a raid i wouldnt care. This is just because of their dumb developers. We worked hard to obtain so many orbs and planned to use them. If someone worked hard to raid us and steal them it would be fair. This just isnt fair. Ofcourse in PvE it wou2ld not matter. But still, what if you lost like all your armor and weapons and resources in PvE because someone else duped them? Yes it’s PvP we are talking about. Only little ***** like you play PvE and talk crap when someone has a valid point.

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Unbelievable that someone posted this and even more ridiculous someone liked it.

Who cares why someone farmed out the ability to make demon fire orbs? The fact of the matter is they did. If I spent an hour or more farming volatile glands off salamanders in the Jungle so I could make a ton of Demon Fire Orbs and now they were all removed, I’d be pissed.

The worst thing a game can do to you is to invalidate your time investment. Removing all orbs in the game did just that, invalidate time investment.


It doesn’t matter if you lose stuff in pvp though because you can easily steal it back, fight fire with fire. However when the game constantly screws you over and there’s no way to fight back you end up just feeling deflated rather than excited and hungry for revenge.

Are you actually mental Revy? I’m not crying over the fact that I’m losing stuff lile it happens in pvp. I’m fucin complaining about the way Funcom ‘fixed’ this. It gave me cancer in the very braincells I have left after farming for hours… So basically your comment is irrelevant

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