All my orbs went bye bye

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After this last update that resetted all attributes and skill points. I noticed my orbs are all gone. From gas orbs to oil orbs to water orbs. And this last bug said it was to fix issues and stop others from Exploiting game. But you just exploited my game by resetting everything and taking things from my game which didn’t need the reset in the first place. Since it was a solo/active co op game and even if those games were exploited who would care? It should’ve only been to the online games only. Must of your updates leave to missing items thralls not being able to be finished well in the wheel. Fighting to be off and not balanced. I get it theres gonna be problems but why missing items I’ve worked hard for to make things on here for rediculous amounts of things to build better items? I just wanted to bring up this issue and let you know. Hopefully theres a way to look back and get those items are just stronger future updates that can stop it from happening and not given to games that really don’t need it at all. Thank you funcom great game having a blast can’t wait to see whats next for Conans world. Plus consoles need full nudity please and thank you. Theres parental controls on PS4s so just send a huge warning to parents come on even God of War has full nudity!

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Consoles already have full nudity but I think depending on what country to play from it’s blocked (America).

It had happened to the PC players long before us so we knew that it was coming and they were going to remove all the orbs. It was to fix an exploit where a few players had been duplicating the orbs and by fixing the bad apples all the good ones have sadly been punished as well. You would of thought there would of been a better way to do this. The least they could have done if given the players an official warning that they were going to do it so we could have stopped wasting time farming the orbs before the patch hit.

The worst part of it is, a precedent has been set now; mostly likely, people will find a different way to duplicate items, or something along those lines. When that will happen and complaints will be filed, they might probably do the same. It’s easier to carpet bomb than comb through it all.

I’m curious what the better option would have been? To only delete the duped orbs? Well obviously however there was no way to detect duped from regular. Just let the dupers use up their supply? That’s not any more fair. What would have been your go-to solution?

To be honest, I don’t know. I kept thinking of it myself, and I remembered years back when stuff like this happened in World of Warcraft, they somehow didn’t wipe whole servers. But again we’re talking of Blizzard which is quite another level. They had the tech and knowledge and probably manpower to do that without putting everyone else in the same boat. But those servers were actively monitored, GM’ed and all that jazz.

In here, it’s dog eat dog. And when something like this happens, there will be a huge, collective slap in the face. I couldn’t care less since I play offline single player and I am not into PVP, but I suppose there are also honest players out there who got it the hard way.

Oh and since we’re down this path, on testlive they patched building in some of the landscape, like existing buildings in the game, am not talking about building under the mesh. Probably on a PVP server that is what some of the players did to increase their survivability in case of raiding. When that patch will be released on PS4 as well, watch a lot of players locked out of their bases as well.

So… to be continued.


at this point if i were locked out of all my bases id quit and not look back currently have 3 t3 large bases full of lewt and named thralls ive spent alot of time on

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It seems these are the first locations where the base building is not allowed anymore. If I’d have a base there, this would be a good time to pack up and go, before ugly things would happen to my base.

mmm i have one near black keep but not east i should be ok

I have one too, near Klael’s Stronghold, on the mountain next to it, facing Sepermeru. I’ll see how this goes :joy:

maybe ill pull out my named thralls just to be safe haha

Good idea, we can never be too careful :rofl: