New Update New Bugs New things - First elimited all orbs from players now wipe entire bases GREAT JOB FUNCOM

good evening

last patch I play on official server 1060 PVP , i lost all Orbs (fire, gas, grease) missing from chests , all players felt this way.

New patch i lost 2 entire bases like wiped out from the world just like that i have friends that are streaming this thinks and this bugs , one more time you dont give the support players need , you dont even care that you destroy entire bases and my server keeps going down and down and up and down and eatch time the server goes down everything goes reset and walls start to missing from all the bases from most of the players i know that play on my server … do something ! do some support ! help the players that are playing you game for more than 160 Hours .



Good Morning,

The orbs being removed was an additional change after we fixed a dupe bug involving orbs.
We are also currently investigating the server issues that some of the official severs experience.

Any news on the missing thralls, items, chests and structures in solo offline mode ( PS4 ) having hundreds of items wiped as well as bases is frustrating and frankly game breaking.

They team is still investigating that issue.
I know I am sounding like a broken record but I can totally understand the frustration this causes.
As soon as I know more I will report back.

Ty Tascha, i appreciate there are issues atm, hopefully the fixes will be coming soon.

me and my friend are on xbox. we upgraded half of our floor from t1 to t3 and anything that was on an upgraded tile was gone over night. we noticed anything placed down AFTER upgrading was fine and still intact. We emptied out and destroyed all the stations on the other, sandstone half of the floor, upgraded those to t3, then placed the stations down again and lost nothing the next night. we are on xbox one and play on official pvp. hope that helps. Also, our whole floor was wedge foundations, not sure if that is part of the issue.

Hey Tascha i undstand your " answer " whit all the pretty thinks like " we will fix " bla bla bla .

Undstand we are playing official PVP server 1060 a surving game we are raided and we raid everyday so tell me what happen if i farm like 120 hours whit walls and all the expensive thinks we farmed to have and then you come up and destroy all our farm in 1 patch and them your constantly servers going up and down people are droping your game and that is all on you FUNCOM we are a clan of 10 leaving your game all of us have more than 150 hours of game but we cant stand more to this disrespect to the players 2 bases destroyed from you ! not a player it was you ! and them we go raided lost everythink because we didnt had walls because of your support that is ZERO .

bugs bugs and more bugs and you keep messing this game up ; other bugs thralls , more bugs NPC´s under a tend cant be hit and will not lose hp tested today still active…

Reendering from game is super bad , fps drops from nothing like , you broke the game .

im out