Rollback incoming?

Have yet to test the new patch, but lots of people saying crazy stuff, like all the globes (poison, tar etc) gone from oficial servers.

some even claiming their bases or crafting stations are gone, but seems its only on modded servers

Don’t have much info and don’t want to alarm anyone xD just curious if rollback “method” has been used previously in conan? Know it has been in ark and others

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modded server might be affected, all crafting stations gone… then again it might be due to the mods. i’m testing a few things, but i’m 100% sure “the bugs” is because of mods that are bad now.

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I was running the less building restrictions mod and that certainly blew away most crates, workstations and thralls. Turned it off and all OK, so will wait for that mode to be updated :slight_smile:

Well, this thread is mainly regarding official, non modded servers, as I am talking about Funcoms ability to make a roll back in case official servers are affected.

Really…if the server is modded, different story, uninstall mods, wait for them to update, or well, accept the consequences of the risk of using 3rd party mods xD

This is troo :slight_smile:

lost 99% off my stuff in a raid 12 hrs ago after using a god :smiley: so I would not mind, …XD

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It seems that individual or a few mods (2-4) work, but anything more causes instant or near instant dc. Even if the mods work fine alone. So far I’ve found that anything effecting attribute points is a no go.
Correction, any mod seems to be stable for a few minutes and then kicks you. This update is severely broken.

Devs and community managers! Can confirm all orbs are gone in official!

“Regarding missing orbs: That was an intended fix to address a duping exploit.”

I want to know , from FUNCOM, if they mean:

we removed everybodies orbs, because there was a dupe exploit and we couldn’t distinguish legit or duped orbs



There is no way to distinguish between a duped or a normally crafted orb so in order to make sure the exploiters wouldn’t be able to have any advantage after we fixed the issue, we had to remove all orbs to level the playing field.

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Ok i was just checking on ps4 3027 n was gonna say mine are there, lost a chest yesterday full of them so was praying i had them

Tascha, give each one a personal id number, use the item it allows the number again after 5 mins, easy fix as each workstation works the same so u can access it in tribe no?

this patch isn’t released for PS4 yet

Anyway, rollbacks should be applied inmediately.

Doing it now or later would give back lots of players time this fix has robbed out of them (due to removing orbs) to just steal the time people invested playing today after patch.

Would leave nobody happy, as now theres people who already quitted (not very happy), and people who despite the bad fix, decided to go forward and keep playing. (not very happy too if theres a 12h+ rollback xD).

FUNCOM: Since you can manipulate everybodies inventories, and love massive “salomonic” decisions…why dont you give every player at least a stack of every orb?

I lost more than that but would still be as fair as removing everybodies orbs having they duped or earned with their time and effort, and better to start from 0 orbs.

It wouldnt still be fair but as it is now you are punishing every player for some exploiters fault plus your own for not properly testing and finding this exoloit, and restoring some orbs to everybody would be seen as a positive “we care” move from you.

The problem with a rollback is it COULD put some ppl just starting out back in the stone age. This fix only hits high level players that can recover in an hour or two

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