Will there be a re-roll or not?

First of all I have to say that our clan was one of the lucky ones , we only lost a few tables , some of the dishes on them and one mannequin.
I haven’t talked to the clan guys yet, but I don’t expect we’re gonna do anything much about it.

But I see here on the forum that some have lost de facto everything and I can understand them being upset , it happened to us so I will probably stop playing.

The problem is that it’s Friday , Funcom is practically not communicating and nobody knows what’s next . will there be any backup of servers (if any) from before the patch ? It’s a large number of players and it will have to be solved somehow. But what about the rest ? Are we supposed to play all weekend and collect treasures only to have Funcom announce on Monday or Tuesday that everything is being deleted and bad luck ?
What players need right now is not just a “we’re working on it” message but at least a hint of HOW it’s going to be solved and whether it’s worth playing at all…

I think there could be, but the issue is that they’ve changed the functionality of the foundations. A rollback will do nothing unless they can figure out a way to reload the pieces without stability loss. The fireplace change comes to mind. We had to manually turn them around. This seems to feel much the same. They’ve reset how they work and the reloading does something with the stability I’m guessing. So… until they work that out, a rollback would have no changes to the outcome.

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