Server is down and Rollback?! Lost all our effort PVP Server #1100

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The Official PVP server 1100 was down all morning and when it came back up there was a rollback without notice. We are new players here and we enjoyed the content. Yesterday we played almost 18 hours pulling an all-nighter, grinded endlessly to make a base. When we finally went to bed at 5 am, looking at what we created we were very happy. The next morning (this morning 15.07.2023) there was an uncalled for rollback and all our effort, endless grinding is gone and we are extremely frustrated. We need support as soon as possible. We need our server restored to the correct state. We just cannot grind another 18 hours just like that we are not machines. What are we suppose to do? Looking for some help here.


Tuff, but your cries fall on deaf ears. Funcom doesn’t give a damn about the state of their game. They just care that the RP community keeps buying their bazaar items.

I mean we are afraid to play now, thinking what if we grind another 10-12 hours just to end up with a rollback. I don’t have unlimited amounts of hours at my disposal.

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This game might as well be in Early Access/paid Beta. Funcom breaks more and more stuff with every update. I highly doubt there’ll be another rollback. But it’s Funcom, so who knows?

What did it say in the event log. Were other clans bases gone? Welcome to the Forum @BarbarianEdo

Funcom doesn’t do rollbacks often, in-fact it’s about as rare as a unicorn and must’ve been the last resort to fix something. If your server did actually rollback, it’s likely because the server itself crashed, when it tried to reload the game database it found it was corrupted and unable to load the game. If the server is unable to load the database, it will keep checking the backups one at a time until it goes back far enough to locate a database that can be loaded. When this happens all players will lose time, not just one player and it won’t show up in the logs. I suggest checking the server logs to see if anything is listed.

Quick question - You’re playing on a PvP server and find the notion of losing everything and having to start over as off-putting? If so, you might want to rethink which type of server you choose when you do get started again.


But that’s the thrill of playing on a PvP server isn’t it? We challenge ourself to find creative ways to build a base that can withstand a good raid. After hours and hours of grinding, planning and building the base from our ideas and perspectives, it’s just gone before we could even torture test it. Don’t you find that very frustrating? Now it’s just a torture to put in that much effort just to re-do all that. It’s very unfair to us in this situation.

Where do I see the event log?

On the screen that says settings character server request help and quit it is under server
That is what on ps5 should be the same for you. @BarbarianEdo

Found it. What should I look for here?

It will let you know if building pieces have decayed or destroyed pets and thralls killed loot bags dropped other clan members taking from chests and benches. Admittedly I have never seen a roll back before day one playstation player. @BarbarianEdo will send pm in bit

While I understand the frustration, if you are not willing to put another 18 hours grinding, playing on an official PvP server is going to be very difficult for you. Just saying.

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