The orbs are gone

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [USA]

I’m pretty upset with the fact that you wiped everyone’s orbs. Not everyone was exploiting the bug and not everyone should have been affected by it. I spent a lot of time farming to make mine and now they are all gone. You could of at least gave people something for it.

So people that did use the exploit should get items too? They wiped all of the orbs out so people that had thousands through means that funcom deemed unfit for the game. Personally I could care less about orbs since they are so easy to make. Use a pick to gather glass at an insane rate, kill salamanders for there glands, pick mushrooms in a cave, and press some fish. All super easy just a little time consuming.

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Honestly, its the problem devs are always having. “Oh? This part of the game is broken? Better punish everyone that dupped as well as the legit players that spent valuable time farming”

This is just bullshart. I spent a week farming up orbs so I could go burning down the huts that are scattered around the map to clean it up, and someone built right next to my base. Figured all these orbs I’ve been farming can finally go to a good use. But NOOOOOO. Because of dupping jackasses I, a solo player online that’s done everything legit gets punished. That was a week of my gaming time thrown into a meat grinder and I don’t even have shotty hamburgers to show for it. Thanks allot devs, After all the game breaking bugs and glitches it’s your overly stupid reaction that’s about to make me just uninstall this shatty broken game and just go play minecraft instead. At least there I can play worry-free about my gear disapearing for no other reason than the developers overreact and punish everyone. You guys are literlly like alchoholic parents that think punishing the little guy that did nothing wrong is right and proper.

Everyone in same boat, no-one punished then, it’s 10 times better than complete wipe or getting outplayed by millions of duped orbs

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What would be the better solution?

Scrap the game, start from scratch. Use money gained from ripping people off with full release and hire a dev team that is competent. You would think no one would buy the new game but people continue to play this game despite everything.