We need smokebombs, please! :)


We need smoke bombs, please!

Should be relatively simple. Some raw ash, a little brimstone for the explosive spark. Put it in an orb, and voila!! Allow them to be dispersed with water orbs. This would be an incredibly cool tool to add to raid and PvP tactics!

I’m not super sure about the crafting materials for it. Ash seemed the right answer. I don’t know about the actual chemical/component make up of a smoke grenade.

If it’s viable, perhaps you could also have wafting smoke clouds that form up from excessive use of bombs in an area, also.


We certainly do need them Cauthey, and in fact I actually suggested this back in my second suggestions list.

  1. A Smoke Orb:
    As simple as it sounds. These would have great practical benefits for online players who are raiding. A simple, temporary cloud of smoke which would obstruct or otherwise muffle the players field of vision. Has both offensive and defensive usefulness. Who knows, it may even present a use for those Sandbeast bile glands, which currently do not have one.

Its good to see others fighting for this cause. Like yourself, I cant decide on the materials/components, just the concept. This would be sooo valuable for PvP players, from both an offensive and defensive perspective. Something so simple, yet so practical, and also so simple to implement. By the gods, please make this happen.


If the NPCs have been strengthened like all of the posts indicate, these orbs would help lower level player both escape when cornered and get in, capture a would be thrall and get out. I think it’s going to be a lot more difficult for solo players at lower levels now and these could help a lot.

Great idea gents.


I was not familiar with your post, and didn’t realize that you had already recommended it. For that, HERE HERE sir! :slight_smile:

According to this article, you just need a nitrate the produces smoke, and sugar. Also interesting in this article is that they talking about colored smoke bombs… simply add dye! :smiley:

So, imagine if they added an orb that you could also combine with dye to get your own custom smoke bomb color!! Nitrates, and sugar. Perhaps dung, and berry pulp? The sandbeast bile glands would also be a reasonable component - just to add some rarity to them to make sure they aren’t uber abused.

+1 Smokebomb

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Hey no problem Cauthey, dont worry about it. :slight_smile: Im more concerned with seeing the idea come to pass than who gets the bragging rights for it. Im just happy it has another proponent now! Im a bit surprised that it hasnt had more likes from the PvP community yet, but early days still.

Well we have lots of dye colours, so its definately a possibility.

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I had not even considered that prospect. Good idea JTthe Destroyer.

Hey @Corvi if you like the idea and are happy to do so, hit ‘like’ to vote it up. But only if that is what you want of course.

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I find that while the NPCs are tougher, and more challenging (enjoyable so!)… they aren’t necessarily a death sentence. I suppose that there is also a skill measurement involved - I am pretty used to systematically destroying the NPC camps. :open_mouth:

I love the idea that a smoke orb might be engineered to disrupt NPCs. I will share that my first thought was PvP and raid applications only. I think it might be a little more challenging to incorporate a mechanic into PvE encounters, and NPC AI. I would not require this - but it would certainly be a “nice to have”.

The mist around the healing arrows is really nice to look at, but I’d request something with more depth and billows. I’ve been thinking this over for the last few in-game playcycles, and I think it should require some red powder, brimstone, tar, exploding gland and a dye orb of a limited selection, much like how the radium gems only allow a few classy colors. :face_with_monocle:

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Perhaps not red powder, if by that you mean the Dragon Powder, as this would place them on par with Explosive Jars in terms of expense. However, the brimstone, tar and volatile gland sound reasonable. Maybe a handful of bark or plant fibre too…? Or for that matter any kind of harvested plant leaves; it would be cool to see some of them take on more specialised/individual functions, rather than just their respective dye colour and spice.

Perhaps it can be glass orb, oil, and 1 piece of leather. This could create a thick black smoke, that also drains stamina like you are swimming (unless you have sandstorm mask). Imagine smoking someone out of their base, or stam draining them in the middle of combat, and for PVE, NPC’s lose some aggro range if you are in it. For PVE-C, cannot lock on and ID range is smaller as well, so can’t track the health bar.

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You’re right, I meant Dragon Powder. I was thinking a small-ish amount, as something needs to fizz that sulfur.

I like this. Id like it more if it could break aggro temporarily.

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It would be fun to have but smoke effects usually kill fps and this could be a problem if people throw too many at once.

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Leather. That’s a good call. Plenty of folks got plenty of that laying around.

Forgive Barnes. I often call dragon powder “red powder.” I fear I have led him astray. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever the crafting mats - it ought to be somewhat expensive to make. The last thing I would want to see is everyone skirting everything with an over-abundance of smoke bombs. That said - I think I would support the 1 dragon powder cost. I know that’s pricey. But it might be worth the price for a clean get-away.

Yeah he’s right on about that. This is a guy who goes through Dragon Powder like I go through Crimson Lotus. That extra syllable adds up.

I was thinking about this and it made me remember the MythBusters ep where the mythkids built a smoke bomb. After rewatching, we’re talking potassium nitrate and sugar to make black smoke. Grey if you include baking soda. White with some other things I won’t mention, but a dye orb should do nicely if we meet a few basics.

Potassium nitrate (or for you .mil people saltpeter) can be found in the oils from the saps of some plants. We already have a press, so it could easily be one of our seeds that can make the resin, which can then become saltpeter. Add a sugar in granules (we could theoretically barely be able to use granulated honey) and we have the basic ingredients. Aside: one really great add-on for the game would be the ability to tap sap-ready trees, but that’s for another suggestion. Perhaps we could dry the honey and get granules, then grind it for dust.

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Great idea. I would go one further and say all HUD should be obscured so our blood bar won’t betray us.

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Can you say “Ninja vanish!”?

Maybe someone from our modding community could comment on the difficulty of getting a smokebomb to work with pursuing NPCs, mobs, or other player combat thralls? Summoning @Multigun.

the logic is already there, the hard part is tying it all to gether.

We have graphic of poison, with a bit more density, or fire graphic.
We have ingredients
Honey > **Dried Honey on dryer
Lotus > Press into **Potassium (different colors!)
Glass orb
**are new mat items.
The effects would be the same as using ghost mode for x amount of time, and that is the tricky part. Finding and adding that to the object in game code.

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